For Faculty and Staff

International Travel with Students



The short-term overseas student application forms are available on the OIP web site.  The application includes a personal information section, an Adviser and Dean’s Evaluation, Academic Recommendation, a Student Conduct Certification form, and several release/medical forms. In addition to the paper application, students will need to fill out a short online application, as well.  You may also wish to create and distribute additional application materials such as a language evaluation form or other subject-specific questions. The students must turn in the Student Conduct Certification form to the Office of Judicial Affairs, located in the Lobby of the West Tower. The rest of the application is to be turned in to the Office of International Programs no later than three months before the planned program departure date, with a copy (unofficial is fine) of the student’s transcript, and a $35 non-refundable application fee (check made out to Ithaca College). We will create a database, and then pass the applications on to you for review.


It is primarily the group leader’s responsibility to make the decisions regarding student selection. For participation in an academic/credit-bearing overseas program, students must have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5. For all overseas programs, the students’ disciplinary history at the College, as reported by the Office of Judicial Affairs, is also taken into consideration. The OIP will conduct a preliminary review of the students’ judicial information, and will notify group leaders of any disciplinary history issues that may be of concern. It is vitally important that you feel comfortable with the students in the group you will take abroad. If there are any students about whom you are unsure, we can provide some guidance or make suggestions. The final decision will generally be left to the group leader, but the OIP and/or the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, or the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Campus Live, reserve the right to deny a student’s application if circumstances warrant such action.


Once you have reviewed the applications and decided which students you will accept, notify the OIP of your decisions. OIP will then send the students letters to notify them of their acceptance or rejection, along with detailed information about submitting a deposit, attending orientations, and paying for the program. These letters will be sent out no later than 2.5 months prior to planned program departure.


Group flight

Group flights are often arranged for short-term study abroad programs. If you wish to make such arrangements for your program, students will have the option of purchasing a ticket on the group flight, or of making their own travel arrangements. The Office of International Programs can assist with the scheduling of a group flight. The students must notify you as to whether they wish to purchase a ticket on the group flight no later than two months prior to the planned date of departure. In order for us to find the best rate possible, please provide us with the following information:

  • The number of students who will purchase group flight tickets.
  • Their full names as appearing on their passport. (If a student’s name is not included on this list, they will be required to make their own travel arrangements.)
  • Date of departure and date of return
  • Preferred airports for departure from the US and arrival in the host country
  • Information about any connecting domestic flights you will require (i.e.: Syracuse to JFK, etc.)
  • Information about any connecting domestic flights any of the students will require.

All students who travel overseas on an Ithaca College program have the option to purchase an International Student Identification Card (ISIC). The cards cost $22, and are issued by our office. The ISIC is helpful getting student rates on the group flight and any connecting flights requested by the students. These cards are internationally recognized, and offer the students a wide range of discounts and benefits all over the world, including emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance, basic accident and sickness coverage, and a Help Line offering 24-hour legal, medical, and travel assistance. Applications for the card are available in the OIP. Please pick up as many as you need from us, and distribute them to your students. The students must complete the applications and return them to OIP no later than six weeks prior to the planned date of departure, with a passport-sized photo and a check for $22 (made out to Ithaca College).

Your students will also be enrolled in our mandatory study abroad health insurance policy, managed by HTH Worldwide, which will provide them with comprehensive medical and emergency evacuation/repatriation insurance designed for international use.  The cost is currently $47.44 per student per month.


Transportation, lodging, and activities

You will be making all arrangements in the host country prior to the beginning of the program, unless you decide to work with a third-party provider of such services. The OIP is available for consultation and advice during this process, but cannot actually make the arrangements as we don’t necessarily have expertise or familiarity with the destination(s) in which the program will occur. Once all arrangements have been made, please provide us with an itinerary of your program, including contact information for each place in which the group will be staying, and a rough schedule of planned activities, excursions and trips. We will need this itinerary no later than eight weeks before the planned date of departure, as it is a requirement for submitting your Travel Advance Form (TAF).


Mandatory orientation

All students and instructors traveling overseas on short-term programs are required to attend an orientation, held by the OIP, which will address important issues such as safety and security abroad. There are several orientation sessions scheduled during the months of April and November. For the current schedule, or to schedule an orientation at another time, speak with Rachel Cullenen in OIP.

Travel Abroad Handbook

We will provide each student and instructor with a Travel Abroad Handbook at the orientation. The handbook addresses issues such as culture shock, luggage and packing, staying healthy abroad, safety and security, and many other important topics for students and instructors preparing to go overseas.


Health and safety

It is very important that you encourage students to disclose to you any medical or emotional issues that may have an influence on their time abroad. Should anything occur during the program related to such conditions, you will be better prepared to deal with it if you have foreknowledge of the problem, and we will be better able to provide assistance.

Supervision of students

It is your responsibility to insure that the students are appropriately supervised while abroad. The level of supervision necessary will vary depending on the individual members of the group. While we can hope that college students can be relied upon to behave as adults, the excitement of being in a new country, especially for those who have never traveled abroad, can sometimes alter their judgment and cause behavioral issues. As the group leader, you are responsible for each student’s well-being while they are participating in your program. You are essentially on-call twenty-four hours per day, every day of the program, and your primary responsibility while abroad is the students’ safety.

Disciplinary problems

Should a student’s behavior cause serious problems while abroad, you have the authority and obligation to take appropriate action, which may involve terminating the student’s participation in the program. Any such incidents should be immediately reported to both the OIP and the Office of Judicial Affairs.


It is essential that you remain in contact with the OIP while you are abroad with the students, and that we know where to contact you at all times. You should call, fax or email the OIP within twenty-four hours of arrival in the host country to inform us that the students have all arrived safely. Additionally, please check in with the OIP on a regular basis while you are abroad with the students – at a minimum, once per week – in order to keep us fully updated on the progress of the program. Parents will often call our office while a program is abroad, asking for information about their son or daughter. It is essential that we hear from you regularly in order to be able to provide assurance and accurate information to the parents.