Advising Study Abroad Students

Do you need more information about the study abroad opportunities available for Ithaca College students? Download the Ithaca College Study Abroad Guide, which will help you to better advise your students and give you a clearer understanding of the types of programs Ithaca College has to offer. An academic planning worksheet is also available, to help students plan when study abroad will work best in their four years at Ithaca College.

When advising students, you should make sure that the overseas program(s) your advisee is looking at compliments and enhances the student's degree program. Programs should ideally provide intercultural and global educational experiences that:

  1. Educate students about global issues and interdependence while introducing them to different cultures, languages, peoples, and worldviews;
  2. Allow for the comparative study of given subjects, systems and cultures which, in turn, helps to develop students' appreciation of United States cultures and their understanding of how these are viewed from abroad;
  3. Provide for a better understanding of the peoples of the world by offering appropriate opportunities to meet, study, and interact with people from the host country;
  4. Encourage students to mature by learning to adjust to different environments, the unexpected, and new challenges.