Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help my child while they study at IC?

It is our educational mission to help the young people at our College to grow and develop as independent young adults. We hope that you share the same desire, and that together we would work towards that common goal. We will assist your child in the process of transitioning to living and studying here on their own. Transitions like this are not always easy, and they do take time, so we trust you will be there for your child, but also let him/her figure out how to be independent. We urge you to stay in touch with your child – nowadays technology is making it possible to do this in many ways! – but also be realistic and appreciate the fact that your child is going through lots of changes and that he/she will be very busy at school. So talk to your child, support and encourage them, and urge them to be in charge of their lives and not to rely on you to “fix” things from far away. Here are some suggestions on things you could do:

• Plan for emergencies in advance.  If something happens, how will you and your child respond? Are there credit cards or other financial sources available for immediate use? Are there friends or relatives in the US who can help? Does everyone have contact information for each other in case the regular means of communication are not available?

• Read up on the Central New York area, which is your child’s new home; read the newspapers from this area on the Internet: The New York Times at, The Ithaca Journal at, The Ithaca Times at

• Stay informed on the online news from IC: our weekly school newspaper The Ithacan is at and the magazine Fuse is at If you want to receive The View, the bi-monthly IC parent E-newsletter, please e-mail and she will add you to the list.