Admitted Students

Work Placements (Internships), Working and Volunteering

For each topic below, students must have a Tier 4: (General) Student visa to participate

Work Placements (Internships)

There are a few ways of obtaining a work placement for your semester in London.  When students filled out their internship applications, they answered questions about the type of work placement they would like.  These details were then passed on to an internship coordinator in London with contacts to find suitable placements.  If students have contacts of their own with whom they would like to pursue a work placement, they are welcome to arrange one themselves.  Students organizing their own placement should keep the London Center aware of this and any updates (  Be aware that students are allowed to work at their placements no more than 50% of the time that they are in the UK as a student.  We recommend that students be scheduled to work no more than an average of 2.5 days per week. Students who arrange their own placements will still have a coordinator appointed to liaise with the site supervisor and to meet with and assess their work during the term. You will be assigned a coordinator who will notify you when they have found a suitable placement.  If you don't hear immediately from him or her, don't let this unnerve you as they all work differently. If you have been admitted to the Internship Program, please follow this link in order to complete the form and give us a bit more information to place you.

Community Service and Volunteering

Community Service is offered as a 1-credit block II course during the fall and spring semesters.  Students must complete 40 hours of service, keep a journal and make a presentation at the end of the semester.  If students choose to volunteer or do community service it is imperative to remember that even though the work is not paid, they must have a valid Tier 4 visa in their passport.  If students are part of a scholarship program that requires them to perform community service while they are abroad, this must be taken into account, and students must have a visa to fulfill this requirement.

Part-time Work and Work Study

Students on Tier 4 visas are offered the opportunity to take up part-time work, if they choose.  Students are restricted to working a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time, so that the work does not interfere with their studies.  Previous students have found part-time jobs in restaurants, pubs and shops.  The London Center also offers part-time work in two work study roles, one in the front office and the other in the library.  Shifts cover approximately 4-hour spans, in which students are responsible for answering the phone and door, completing office work, helping the ICLC staff look after the building and maintaining the library.  Work study students are also responsible for keeping the Center open in evenings and on weekends.  Shifts are assigned subject to the student's availability, and priority is given to students who have previously made their interest in doing work study known to International Programs.  The London Center cannot guarantee work study shifts to everyone who applies, and the money earned should not be depended on for paying rent and bills, but rather seen as an extra supplement.  Wages are paid in USD ($) at the same basic hourly rate as on the home campus and entered through Parnassus.  Students do not need to be a work study student already on the home campus to be one at the ICLC.  As work placements are undertaken as part of students' coursework and are for credit, the time spent working at placements is not included in the 20 hours of work that students are permitted to undertake.