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I got Nick Carter's autograph!

Ithaca College senior Health Care Management student Carin Pracht is interning with NYU Langone Medical Center this fall through the ICNYC program. She will share some of her experiences of living and working in New York City in this blog. Check back for updates.

My ICNYC experience didn’t start in a cab or a subway or a bus. It started in a limousine.

Moving to New York City isn’t like moving to any other town. You can’t just rent a U-Haul and pull in front of your apartment to drop off your boxes. To get all my stuff from Buffalo, my mom and I took an Amtrak train with four large suitcases, four smaller suitcases, and one piece of carry-on luggage.

Our train was supposed to arrive in New York at 6 p.m. but it was delayed and we didn’t get into Penn Station until 2:30 a.m. When we went to get a cab, we found out a limo would cost $25 and a cab $30. So, naturally, we decided to take the limo. Not a bad way to start your semester.

It’s interesting, people talk about New York City and how it’s all hustle and bustle but – and I don’t want to say there is no settling period – but there is no settling period. You quickly adopt the mentality of go-go-go and learn to adapt to whatever may come your way. I found myself acting and feeling like a true New Yorker in no time. My turning point was when I was able to give directions to another person!

I am living in apartments that were suggested by IC. Let me tell you that the location is absolutely perfect! Times Square is a five-minute walk, Central Park a 30 minute jog, the ICNYC Center is an eight-minute walk, and of course Macy’s is a three-minute walk. It’s also right near my internship at NYU Langone Medical Center and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. My room is cozy and I get to live with girls from all over the world. My best friends ended being from Alabama and Lithuania!

It was pretty easy to get a room; I just had to be proactive. I sent my application in about May for moving in at the end of August. There’s a waiting list but I found out in June that I had the room. I think this is the cheapest place to live in the city with my room costing about $1260 a month. However, you get so much for your money. They have maids that come in and make your bed, deliver clean linens weekly, a security guard, and there’s a dining room that serves two decent meals each day. It is awesome to come home from work and already have a decent dinner waiting.

I’ve tried to explore the city but you quickly realize you’re never going to be able to do everything. I went to Good Morning America and got Nick Carter’s autograph (see picture). I have loved him since his Backstreet Boys days! I also saw Leonardo DiCaprio, did some window shopping at Tiffany & Co., ate at the famous Shake Shack, fell in the ocean at Coney Island, became a screaming fan in Lenny Kravitz’s new music video, and went to the Global Citizen Concert for free to see Carrie Underwood, Jay-Z, Beyonce, No Doubt, and Fun. There is never a dull moment and this city truly never sleeps.

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