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Devin at her CNBC internship.

Devin Hance spent the spring 2014 semester in the ICNYC program, interning at CNN and CNBC. She is a junior Television-Radio major and will continue to intern at CBNC this summer.

So far this spring I have had the pleasure of interning at CNN and CNBC all semester. When I got the phone calls from these networks I could not believe what I was hearing. So I eagerly accepted both internship opportunities hoping that each network would give me days that did not conflict. CNN requested me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and CNBC asked me to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So my schedule worked out perfectly.

At CNN I started my internship journey with Showbiz Tonight. For a girl who loves keeping up to date with entertainment news, I was excited to contribute to this show. I learned so much about the editorial side of things. It was my job to go to the morning meetings and help pitch story ideas, book and greet the guests for the day, and research and add fun elements to each block of the show. Once it was show time, it was my job to print the scripts for our anchor, AJ Hammer, and make sure everything and everyone was where it needed to be. Greeting celebrity guests was very exciting form me. One of my favorite celebrities that I greeted was Meat Loaf. He was full of career and life advice, and even asked if I wanted a picture with him (which of course I did!).

My first month with Showbiz was so fast-pace and fun, but unfortunately in February, after 9 years, Showbiz got taken off the air. I was sad because I really loved the team I was working with but it was also a good learning experience for me learn that things like this constantly happen in the TV industry. The world of TV is constantly changing. My intern agreement with CNN allowed me to still stay with the network until April so once Showbiz was officially over, I got moved to Jane Velez-Mitchell show. I was nervous to start with an entire new team but it was an awesome experience. Unlike Showbiz Tonight, which was taped then sent to air, Jane Velez-Mitchell show was live every weekday at 7 p.m. Jane gave me an inside look of what it takes to put together a live-one hour-show segment. She always gave me excellent feedback and challenged me with new tasks, including writing a draft for one of her stories.

Over at CNBC I am the digital department intern. Every day I am either in the control room or out doing a field shoot with reporters. They make me feel like I am a part of the team. I get to edit packages, pitch ideas, shoot footage, and execute my own ideas. I also help with a lot of the online content and work with the producers on all the digital shows that CNBC produces. It has by far been the best experience I could ask for with an internship. Everyone at CNBC is so welcoming and willing to teach me. They asked me to stay on and intern with them until August, and I could not be happier!

Through my work there with numerous reporters, I also had the opportunity to work with Ithaca College alumna Kelli Grant. I was so happy to discover she is a fellow Bomber. She has been wonderful, and is always there to talk to and give advice. I love working with her.

One of my favorite days at CNBC was when they sent me out on Wall Street to pull sound bites from people on the street for a package we were putting together. It was a great experience. I am not a journalism student, so this experience taught me a lot about what it takes to go out and be a reporter.  I had to educate myself on the topic and make sure I sounded credible. I never imagined I would be working in the area of business and financial news until I began working here ... and now I love it!

I am so thankful for the ICNYC program. Ithaca truly has allowed me to succeed beyond belief. I am eager to return to campus in the fall for my senior year and share all my experiences. Then I plan to participate in the ICNYC program again next spring.




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