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Comments about Housing from Fall 2013 Students

Fall 2014 ICNYC Student Comment on HOUSING

I would like to recommend the Webster Apartments for inclusion in the new ICNYC Handbook.  The location is prime, cost is $315 a week, guests are given two meals a day, clean linens and housekeeping services are offered every week, and they provide tons of opportunities for meeting people from all over the world!  The only drawback is that this opportunity is only available for women.

Fall 2013 ICNYC Student comments on HOUSING

The 92Y residence is in the relatively quiet neighborhood of the Upper East Side in Manhattan. It is conveniently located just two blocks from Central Park and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir Trail, across the street from a grocery store, and between the 96th Street and 86th street subway sops. The inside of the residence feels just like one in Ithaca, with similar size rooms, bathroom, and kitchen facilities. 92Y hosts events from children’s birthday parties to’s Social Good Summit, to the lobby and elevators can get busy at times. However, they offer discount tickets to almost all of their events and classes (ranging from dance and gymnastics to wine tasting or Central Park Tours), and a free gym membership to the 92Y May Center (inside the building) is included in your monthly rent. Most of the other residents are college students from Hunter College or other schools with New York City programs, and there are some international students. The office hours and guest policy is somewhat inconvenient (there is a $15 charge for an overnight guest, as well as a guest curfew, and you must purchase the guest pass ahead of time during office hours). The office has computers and a printer available to residents, and the staff and 24-hour security personnel are friendly.”


”I am currently staying at the [EHS] St George Residence in Brooklyn Heights, and I have had extremely mixed feelings about my experience living there.

I will start with the positives; the location is absolutely fantastic. The subway is right next to the place, and there is an extremely nice gym to go to that is just down the block. The Promenade is also a short walk from St. George and there are a lot of great locations to go to that are nearby. Brooklyn Heights in general is a great neighborhood, and is one of those places where you could be walking back from a club at 4am in the morning and have mothering to worry about (provided that you aren’t careless, of course). The communal area is also very nice; it is a perfectly ideal place for people to hang out. The kitchen is also pretty good – there’s a good amount of room and there are a lot of places to sit down to eat. There are also a lot of places where you can study.

As far as living in the actual dorms are concerned, it really depends on where you end up. There are two completely different sides to the residence, one on Clark Street and one on Henry Street. The rooms on Clark Street are pretty nice. They can accommodate two people comfortably, the bathrooms are in working order, the hallways have a very inviting feel to them and it is an all around nice place to stay. The rooms on the Henry Street Side (which is where I stayed) were absolutely horrible! The rooms were cramped, the light switch was broken, the power sockets wouldn’t work for a while, the shower drain clogged easily, the hallways were repulsive, and the elevators looked as if they had not been serviced in decades. I found the living conditions of my room were horrible – and borderline unacceptable.

So, all in all, I would recommend living at the St. George AS LONG AS you live on the Clark Street side of the hotel. If you are stuck living on the Henry Street side of the hotel, save yourself the trouble and live somewhere else.”


*”When giving advice to future ICNYC students I would recommend that they not live in the New Yorker EHS housing. Currently, I am living in the New Yorker and while it is a prime location, the EHS staff has been unpleasant and very unaccommodating. There have been many maintenance issues in the building and in my room that have yet to be fixed because of the EHS staff. It costs a lot to live here and I just don’t think I am getting what I am paying for. I think that this is important for future ICNYC participants because where you live is a significant part of your experience in NYC. “