News From The Director

The Spring 2016 ICNYC semester was a memorable one. All 8 School of Business Accounting interns were offered positions at their internship sites and more than half of the other students were invited to continue their internships through the summer months. As a group the students walked the High Line, picnicked in Central Park, visited the Museum of the American Indian, the New York Historical Society, the Museum of the City of New York and the American Museum of Natural History. Ithaca alumni who visited the Tuesday night Internship Seminar included Sara Axelbaum ’04, Tom Gitterman ’90, Scott Lozea ’91, Drew Stedman ’13, Jared Smith ’06, and ’84 classmates Stan Lee and Andy Jones. Students were also hosted to a visited to the Ketchum Public Relations Agency offices by alumni Christa Lombardi ’06 and Marc Phillips ’13.

Hersey Egginton, Director

August, 2016

Hersey Egginton, ICNYC Director