News From The Director

The Fall 2018 ICNYC semester brings 20 students to New York to intern, study and practice their music and sound recording technology and take online or on-site courses. There were 25 Ithacans in New York for the Spring ’18 semester – 6 accounting students, one H&S student in architectural studies and 18 Park students. During the fall weekends, we enjoyed guided tours of the Museum of the City of New York, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Tenement Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. At the Tuesday evening internship seminar we heard from Ithaca alums Kristin Tsui ’15, Manisha Wolan ’04, Ben Silverberg ’11, Tab Butler ’80, Lindsey Williams ’14 and Ben Glassen ’14. Students were also hosted to a visit to the Fox News Building by alumna Sara Axelbaum ’04, a senior VP in Fox Networks Group.

Hersey Egginton, Director

August 2018

Hersey Egginton, ICNYC Director