For Parents

We are a bit biased, but we believe that studying abroad is one of the most valuable opportunities a student can experience during his or her undergraduate years. Nearly 100 percent of students tell us that studying abroad was the best experience of their college career and most would go abroad again if they could.

The benefits of studying abroad are numerous and include:

  • increased intercultural communication skills;
  • improved foreign language proficiency;
  • sharpened social skills (self-confidence, maturity, and adaptability);
  • expanded work experience through internships abroad;
  • competitive advantages in the job market; and
  • enriched global perspectives on emerging issues.

Ithaca College offers numerous opportunities for students to study abroad. Where students choose to study and in which programs they participate, is largely a personal choice. The Office of International Programs and Extended Studies (OIPES) is dedicated to assisting students during the process while preparing them for their semester abroad.

It is our hope that this section will be helpful to you while your student is preparing to study abroad. You will find information that addresses items such as safety and health issues abroad; the nature of culture shock; returning to the U.S. after a semester abroad; important logistics regarding finances and transfer of credit.