The blogs featured on this page have been created by Ithaca College students who are currently participating in various study abroad programs around the world. These students have graciously chosen to share their experiences while embarking upon what will become one of the most significant journeys of their lives. This will be a transformative experience that will expose them to new cultures, unfamiliar histories, and diverse perspectives that will help to guide them towards a better understanding of the world that surrounds them.


Alexis Morillo - Europe, Alexis & A Blog: My Semester in Barcelona, Spain (Spring 2018)


Deia DeMarco - Paris, France (Summer 2016); San Jose, Costa Rica (Spring 2017); Urbino, Italy (Summer 2017)

Emily Renne - Emily in Christchurch, New Zealand (Spring 2015)

Marlowe Padilla - Marlow in Sydney, Australia (Spring 2015)

Elizabeth Benz - Elizabeth in Milan, Italy (Spring 2014)

Victoria Nieto - Victoria in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spring 2014)

Alexa Szotka - Alexandra in Cape Town, South Africa (Spring 2014)

Margaret Strode - Margaret in Auckland, New Zealand (Spring 2014)

Courtney Ellis - Barcelona, Spain: My study abroad experience (Fall 2012)

Stephanie Krail - The Land of Fire and Ice, Solheimar, Iceland (Fall 2012)

Photo from Alexis Morillo's Europe, Alexis & a Blog: My Semester in Barcelona, Spain (spring 2018) blogpost.