HSHP in Beijing

Ithaca College has been selected as one of seven US colleges and universities to intern with the Olympic News Service (ONS) during the summer Olympics in Beijing.

Students applied and were interviewed in March by ONS representative before being chosen. To prepare for the rigorous interview process, all students completed a one-credit minicourse over five weekends in February and March. The course introduced the students to the sports they would be covering, helped them acquire basic post-event interviewing skills, and guided their research of and debates on sensitive issues surrounding the Olympics.

Twenty-one IC students will work side by side with ONS staff to cover Olympic events, provide background information on athletes and competitions, and create flash quotes (sound bites from the athletes) for the international press.

Ithaca College students will cover the following sports during this year's Olympic Games:

  • fencing
  • handball
  • water polo

Student will leave for Beijing on July 6 and return to the United States on August 27.

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Administration and Faculty in China

The following HSHP faculty and administrators will join the 21 HSHP students in Beijing this summer:

Steve Siconolfi, Dean
Janet Wigglesworth, Associate Dean
Annemarie Farrell, Assistant Professor
Hongwei Guan, Assistant Professor
Steve Mosher, Professor

They will also be working with the ONS to cover the modern pentathlon.

Other Colleges and Universities

Worldwide, there are 13 institutions of higher education sending students to work for the ONS. The seven American colleges and universities participating are:

  • Delaware State University
  • Emerson College
  • Ithaca College
  • Purdue University
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Missouri
  • University of North Carolina