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The mission of the Ithaca College student chapter of the American Marketing Association (ICAMA) is to be one of the leading professional student organizations on campus by furthering the professional development of students through leadership training and involvement in the field of marketing. This is done through group activities such as the creation of marketing plans, participation in national competitions, fundraising, marketing workshops and community service. When one becomes a member of AMA, they become a member of an organization, which currently has over 40,000 members worldwide. The new member also becomes part of the Ithaca College American Marketing Association family. The AMA serves many levels of marketing practitioners, executives, and students. Together, the AMA and its members represent leadership in marketing, both for today and for the future. 



The Ithaca College Chapter of the American Marketing Association can provide you with opportunities in professional development, leadership, networking, creativity, and marketing startegies. Learn how to utilize marketing tools effectively through case studies, focus groups, research opportunities, and more! Become an official member today by submitting your application and a check for $65 made out to "Ithaca College".