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Professional Development

To enhance the professional development of our members through professional workshops, fundraising events, team projects, leadership opportunities, the Nintendo Case Study, volunteer work, and on-campus partnerships. Through workshops, events, and training sessions, our members will gain expert knowledge on how to succeed in the competitive world, and put them at the forefront for success in the real world.



CAREER SERVICES (fall/spring) 

Meet with Career Services weekly on events they are holding around campus and develop a closer relationship with staff. We can then better encourage students to take part in skills programs, preparing them for life after college. Students will be better placed to succeed in the professional world. 

Goals: Hold workshops on networking, resume building, and job-finding 

Establish environment where IC students feel comfortable approaching Career Services for help 

Hold 2 workshops Fall semester, and 2 Spring semester through AMA 



Plan and execute the annual Etiquette Dinner in partnership with Sigma Iota Epsilon and Career Services. The Professional Development team will brainstorm potential local professional attendees and reach out to them. We will also recruit an attractive keynote speaker. The event allows students to network with these professionals and enhance their knowledge of what it means to be a leader while instilling appropriate etiquette in business meal situations. 

Goals: Bring in 10-15 professionals from campus and the community 

Find one professional speaker 

Increase student attendance by 10% 


OTHER EVENTS (fall/spring) 

Schedule and participate in other learning events on our own or in cooperation with other organizations on campus. These include:

Marketing Week events 

Regional AMA Conference 

Others will be planned as opportunities arise 

Goals: Hold or participate in at least one substantive professional event per month 

Maximize ICAMA member attendance and participation 

Draw potential new recruits through non-member attendance 




CASE STUDY (fall) 

Identify and evaluate market opportunities, analyze market segments and our target market, and plan and implement a marketing mix that will meet Nintendo’s objectives. We will also develop an effective Integrated Marketing Communications strategy for Nintendo. Members will gain experience in putting together a professional case study by working through steps of the marketing strategy. 

Goal: Prepare and submit a competitive AMA Case Study entry. 



Research organ donation and basic facts (why it is important, how many people are donors, implications). Utilize our Communication School AMA members for the filming and editing process of this video. 

Goals: Prepare and submit a competitive AMA Saves Lives video entry.Increase awareness of the need for organ donation on our campus and in the wider community. 



Participate in other AMA competitions, as appropriate, including Marketing Week, Website Competition, and/or one of the AMA International Conference competitions. 

Goal: Compete in at least two other AMA competitions. 




Develop an effective advertisement for Leaf and Lawn Landscape that can be displayed in future Yellow Pages, utilizing our Advertising and Design team. Conduct extensive research on the company and competitors. Members will gain real-world project experience, honing their marketing communication skills. 

Goal: Prepare and submit a competitive Yellow Pages Challenge entry. 



Develop an integrated marketing plan to raise awareness of the lack of clean drinking water in the world. Reach out to local sponsors and on-campus organizations for support, such as Senior Class Cabinet and IC American Red Cross. Gain community support in our goal to develop this campaign by contacting local vendors for donations and promotion. Utilize Advertising and Design branch of AMA for flyers and other promotional ideas. Members will benefit from further experience working on a large-scale integrated marketing plan. 

Goal: Prepare and submit a competitive ECHO entry