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Storage Room

Bomber Bikes headquarters is on the ground floor of West Tower down the hallway on the left of the main entrance.

The key to the storage room is in the Student Activities Center and only authorized Bomber Bikes Members are allowed to sign the key in and out.

Students can store their bicycle in the room over breaks. Sign up by emailing bomberbikes@gmail.com. This service is free during the school year! The summer the charge is $10. Sign up by filling out a quick form: http://survey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_88unKbYLJbohxd3

We require that you have the bike registered with public safety and bring your own lock. Bikes need to be turned in to Bomber Bikes before the last day of finals and can be picked up the first week of school in the fall. Feel free to email bomberbikes@gmail.com with further questions regarding storage.

The store room also functions as a bike repair space. We hold regular workshop events, but individuals are free to use the tools whenever needed if they schedule a time to go to the room with an authorized member of the group. Email bomberbikes@gmail.com to make an appointment.

We have the following equipment:

     - stand

     - pump

     - tool kit

     - lubricant