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Funding Request

We encourage registered student organizations, resident assistants, and community councils to submit requests for funding whenever on-campus residents can benefit from an event. So, what kind of events are approved for funding? Anything from themed events on safer alcohol and sex practices to entertainment from an international perspective – support IC's residents and we'll support you!

The request forms (funding request form/itemized proposal sheet) and process are available on the documents page. Please submit any funding requests on the Thursday at 5PM prior to our Tuesday night meetings. Please note meeting times are given on a first come, first serve basis, with earlier meeting times given out first. The assembly will be unable to see more than 3 organizations each meeting. Any organizations after the first 3 will be given a meeting time for the following Monday. RHA will not fund reimbursements for programs that have already occurred. 

Do not hand in a paper copy of your budget proposal. All funding requests must be sent by email to rha@ithaca.edu.