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Event Planning Tips

Free Your Event from Bottled Water

Checklist for Planning a Bottled Water Free Event

1. Learn whether the venue will serve exclusively tap water

2. Calculate how much water your event requires

  • Multiply the number of people in attendance by one liter to calculate the total water needed for one day of an event

  • On a hot day, especially an outdoor event, multiply this total by 1.5

3. Find the best tap water source

4. Decide whether to use a water filtration device

5. Plan tap water distribution/water station set-up

  • Determine the location of your tap water stations at the event

  • Map out the event flow, ensuring even and adequate distribution of water

  • Check that all necessary power sources and water sources are in place

6. Select tap water containers

  • Choose the type of beverage container for the event

  • Order containers well in advance

  • If a sponsor is providing containers, arrange for sponsorship in advance

7. Contact potential partners for the event

8. Develop marketing and publicity

  • Advertise the event as being bottled water free from the beginning

  • Notify attendees about event being bottled water free through website and printed materials

  • Create signs directing attendees to water stations and education about tap water

9. Plan for provision of water to speakers and exhibitors, as well as for field trips or other special situations

10. Recruit and schedule staff volunteers to serve water the day of the event