Minors Informational Sessions

Please use these sessions to explore minors, academic programs, and co-curricular activities outside of your major. This program is drop-in style so stay as long as you like and select all sessions you plan to attend.

Minors Informational Sessions (Optional) by School

Minors and Professional Organizations in the School of Business
You don’t need to major in business to take advantage of the cool opportunities in the School of Business! Drop in to learn about minors and clubs that can give you hands-on business experience.

An Open Discussion of Park Minors
Members of the Dean's Office will be available for students to drop in and discuss any of the 9 minors that Park offers.

Minor in a Health or Human Performance-Related Topic
Join us to hear more about any of the 11 minors that are offered by the School of Health Science and Human Performance. Minors are a great way to dive into an area of interest for you, to complement your major study.

Sessions occur from 1:00 - 2:00 PM

The Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (CSCRE):
The Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (CSCRE or the Center) delivers a curriculum focused primarily on African-, Latino/a-, Asian-, and Native-American (ALANA) people in the United States, who are usually marginalized, under-represented and/ or misrepresented in the normative curriculum. We have four minors: African Diaspora Studies, Asian American Studies, Latinx Studies and Native American and Indigenous Studies. In this session we will discuss the focus and requirements for our interdisciplinary minors and how each can complement any major. (standard Zoom)

Women’s and Gender Studies minor information session: Interested in Women’s and Gender Studies?   Learn more about this exciting interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on gender as it intersects with race, social class, and sexuality among other social categories.   Our classes examine power and privilege, intersectionality, and activism as a means of challenging gendered inequalities.  Come learn more about the exciting future of our program including sexuality studies, get a preview of our courses, and meet a few of our many affiliated faculty.

Sociology and Counseling minors information session:
Are you curious about why 'society' is the way it is? Do you want to learn more about how social change happens? Why some things are unjust? Who has power in the US, North America, and the world, and what inequality means? Are you intrigued by the things that make up the 'big picture of society' – gender, race, class, sexuality? Do you want to know more about consumerism, crime, deviance, health, social movements, work/labor, and media?  Please join us to hear more about the Sociology program (minor and major).
Do you want to learn more about counseling? Are you considering a career in social work, human services, human resources/development, or even business, coaching/training, or teaching? Do you want to get counseling theory and methods skills, along with insights into the social construction of deviance and the basics of psychology and sociology? Please join us to hear more about the interdisciplinary Counseling minor.

Education minor information session:
The Ithaca College Education Department, grounded in equity and social justice, offers courses, programs, and experiences that explore and support a wide range of interests and professional pursuits in the field of education.  We offer undergraduate and graduate programs for students with all different levels of interest in education - from those who want to earn New York State teacher certification to those who want to better understand how and why we learn through our dynamic minor program offerings.

Computer Science department minors information session:
One department – three minors. If you want to blend code, visuals, sound, storytelling, and psychology in ways that entertain and amaze the masses the game development minor includes courses on 2D and 3D game design, programming and human-computer interaction. If you want to build amazing websites and mobile applications the web programming minor includes courses on front-end and server-side web development, web frameworks, and human-computer interaction. The computer science minor offers an abbreviated version of our major curriculum, and is a great choice if you want to get the computer science experience while majoring in another discipline.

Jewish Studies minor information session:
At Ithaca College, a minor in Jewish studies focuses on Jewish communities worldwide, not just those in the United States and Israel. We strive to teach students about Jewish cultural diversity, approaching the history and culture of the Jewish people from a variety of perspectives, with attention to different theoretical frameworks and with reference to other cultural groups and sociopolitical systems among which Jews have lived.  A comparative approach, which emphasizes the interaction and comparison of Jews with other peoples who have lived as minorities in diverse cultural contexts, can shed light on larger issues of ethnicity, race, gender, social inequality, and multiple constructions of cultural identity. Come hear about how this interdisciplinary minor can complement your major!

Legal Studies minor information session:
The Legal Studies Minor offers a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to understanding legal practices and principles.  Currently enrolled Legal Studies minors come from a diverse array of majors, in the Schools Humanities and Sciences, Communications, Business, Health Sciences and Human Performance, and Music.  Legal Studies minors sometimes have a potential interest in a legal career and are curious about what it might entail.  Others are simply fascinated by the complexities and challenges of studying legal systems. We welcome any student from any major who has an interest in exploring the legal structures that inform and shape so many aspects of our contemporary lives.

Health Professions Advisory Committee information session:
Interested in a career on the front lines of health care? Want to go to med school, dental school, vet school, nursing school? Come hear about pre-health advising at Ithaca College. Session led by Ian Woods, chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC.)

Forensics at Ithaca College:
Interested in debate or public speaking?  Ithaca College has an active Speech and Debate Team.  The team competes in several tournaments each semester (this fall we’ll be online).  Students can compete in public speaking, interpretive speaking, and debate events.  Competitions happens regionally, nationally and internationally.  Some of the debate events are impromptu and some use a topic for the entire year, this year’s topic area is immigration.  No previous experience is needed (most of our team has no experience prior to collegiate competition.)

Model United Nations:
The IC Model United Nations
team voluntarily spends its free time:
a) researching important topics in global affairs,
b) learning about the mechanisms of international organizations,
c) writing proposals to address world problems, and
d) improving personal debating skills.
They do this of their own free will, in addition to their normal course load.
Why do they do this? Who are these people?
If you need answers, or if you are interested in joining IC’s ‘best kept secret,’ learn more at our Orientation session.

Gerontology minor information session:
GERONTOLOGY? What’s that? Gerontology is the study of aging and there are so many aging-related career and personal opportunities available in modern society. Join members of the Gerontology faculty for an info session on ways you can engage with aging at IC. Learn about the Aging Studies major, minor, experiential learning, student organizations and more.

English minor info session:
From philosophy to politics, film to economic theory, the study of narrative can help you understand the world. An English minor gives you the skills to analyze and contribute to the narrative that represent and construct our world. You will be introduced to the ways in which literature intersects of history, politics, race, gender, and society. Our alumni have careers in media and publishing, as journalists, playwrights, and a professors and teachers of literature, as well as careers in law, education, business, medicine, politics, and many other fields. Join us to find out if this might be the minor for you.

How to Get Involved in Music
Open to all students in majors outside of the School of Music. Interested in co-curricular opportunities? Come learn about the many opportunities for students to engage in music learning, including minoring in music, taking courses, ensembles, or private lessons. Meet Director of Music Admission, Bradley Whittemore.