What are my options for meal plans? How much does a meal plan cost?

All students residing on campus (but not in Circles or Garden apartments) are billed for the Unlimited meal plan, which costs $3400/semester and includes $230/semester in Bomber Bucks. 

Students assigned to the apartments can opt for no meal plan, the unlimited meal plan, or a special 5 meals/week Apartment/Commuter plan which includes $600/semester in Bomber Bucks and costs $1200/semester.

Can I opt out of a dining plan?

All students who live on campus (except upper-year students living in Garden and Circle Apartments) are required by Ithaca College to have a meal plan.

What if I have a special dietary need or food allergy?

If you are having difficulty finding food that fits your needs, please contact dine@ithaca.edu, or ask to speak to a manager or supervisor on duty for assistance.

Where can I find more information about campus dining?

More information regarding Ithaca College's new dining options are still being developed, please check back for a website guiding to more information and updates through out the summer.