Orientation Mentor

NSTP employs 20 Orientation Mentors (OMs) who work closely with the Associate Director to assist in managing student staff, supporting the development of orientation programs, as well as supporting our new students (first-year and transfer) and their families during their transition to Ithaca College. In order to hold this esteemed position, we are seeking students who demonstrate skills in the following areas to be members of this enthusiastic and resourceful group.


  1. Supporting and welcoming new students and their families and guests to Ithaca College.
  2. Assisting Orientation professional staff in the preparation of Orientation activities and materials including, but not limited to, orientation prep, check-in process, event management, escorting students/families and guests around campus, event set-up/tear down, participation in meals and evening activities, crisis response, and other duties as assigned.
  3. Facilitating and effectively managing small group discussions with incoming students including resource sharing, supporting students through their transition to college, self-identity exploration, etc.
  4. Serving as a positive role model, mentor, and student supervisor for Orientation Leaders (OLs); serving as a leader for OLs throughout their training and the orientation program, understanding that this relationship continues into the semester and has a significant impact on a student’s experience.
  5. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment by articulating and exemplifying Ithaca College’s academic and community expectations, addressing common transition questions, discussing what it means to be part of a diverse community, and modeling an exploration of self/social identities.
  6. Facilitating individual presentations, workshops, and/or programs including working with campus event managers, building managers, and support staff.
  7. Adhere to the Office of New Student & Transition Programs policies, the Student Conduct Code, and all national, state, and local laws throughout the duration of your employment.
  8. Assist in the recruitment of the 2020 and 2021 Orientation Staff

Job Requirements:

All candidates must 

  • be on Orientation Staff for at least one year prior (returning applicants only)
  • be in good judicial standing
  • have acceptable academic standing (a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 maintained through the spring semester, preference given to those with a GPA of 2.75 and above)
  • full-time enrollment as an undergraduate or graduate student at time of hire through Fall 2020.

Employment Details:

  • All Orientation Staff will receive a comprehensive leadership development training designed to increase knowledge of campus resources, event planning, effective communication strategies, leadership tools, and to create a high-functioning, cohesive orientation team.
  • Orientation Mentor will be paid an hourly rate of $11.85 over two weeks.

Work Schedule:

  • Mentor Retreat Day: August 11th
  • O-Staff Fall Training: August 12th (8 am) - August 17th
  • Orientation Program: August 18th - August 23rd
    • O-Staff cannot work another job during August employment, this includes pre-semester trainings/programs.