You're invited to join Ithaca College staff and students for our regular virtual chats!

The following topics have been scheduled to correspond with the new student checklist and due dates.

Links to recordings of the virtual chats will be posted as each session is completed.

May 30 (VIRTUAL Chat 1) 

Guests: Laura Davis & Amanda Walrad, Office of Residential Life | Luca Maurer, Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services | Laura Keefe, Health Center | Ali Kelley, Office of Student Engagement

June 6 (VIRTUAL Chat 2) 

Guests: Ian Moore, Student Accessibility Services

June 13 (VIRTUAL Chat 3) 

Guests: Anne Woodard, Sarah O'Neil, and Sayre Wilson, Student Financial Services

June 18 (VIRTUAL Chat 4) 

Guests: Susan Bassett, Will Rothermel, and Erienne Roberts, Office of Athletics

June 24 (VIRTUAL Chat 5) 

Guests: Anne Woodard, Wendy Rizzo, and Aran Ventura, Student Financial Services | Marcia O’Neill & Laura Keefe, Health Center

june 27 (VIRTUAL Chat 6) 

Guests: Tiara Borneman, Office of Human Resources

July 2 (VIRTUAL Chat 7) 

Guests: Hierald Osorto, Office of Religious and Spirtual Life | Lauren Goldberg, Ithaca College Hillel

July 11 (VIRTUAL Chat 8) 

Guests: Dr. Sean Eversley Bradwell, Center for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Social Change (IDEAS) | Mary Holland-Bavis, Office of Student Engagement

July 18 (VIRTUAL Chat 9)

Guests: Bill Kerry & Carl Cohen, Office of Public Safety | Jennifer Pawlewicz, Office of Career Services

July 25 (VIRTUAL Chat 10) 

Guests: Tyler Wagenet, ID Office | Rebecca Sexton, Dining Services

August 1 (VIRTUAL Chat 11) 

Guests: Nancy Reynolds, Sasha Lerner, Laura Keefe, Office of Counseling, Health, Wellness | Rebecca Cogan, Case Management

August 8 (VIRTUAL Chat 12) 

Guests: Jenny Pickett, Office of Residential Life | Kevin Perry, Office of New Student and Transition Programs