Summer Institute Participants Reflect and Find Inspiration!

During the 2012 Ithaca College Office of State Grants (OSG) Summer Institute, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick, both a former Cornell University Prefreshman Summer Program participant and Cornell graduate, encouraged Ithaca College HEOP prefreshmen to "tell your own stories" and "jump in the water; people are not going to let you drown." 

Annually, the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) typically offers 15-20 prospective students entry into Ithaca College through the Office of State Grants Summer Institute.  The Ithaca College OSG Summer Institute is a time to teach, learn, share and grow.  This summer bridge program connects prefreshmen to a valuable 4-5 week immersed orientation into the college experience - which centers around academic engagement, student development, and navigating campus life at Ithaca College.  The Summer Institute also allows opportunity for SI participants to interact with incoming first-year students residing on campus in similar summer programs, such as IC Preview.  Together, these students share their stories, fun, and adjustment struggles while developing life-long friendships through jointly planned student-centered events and meaningful programming.  As HEOP participants emerge from successfully completing the Summer Institute, they will have achieved student empowerment, self-efficacy, and confidence to flourish as Ithaca College scholars and leaders.

Resulting from Mayor Myrick's visit, Ewart-Malick Guinier ‘14, a peer mentor for SI and HEOP participant, recalls the mayor emphasizing, "When you stop acting like you need to do something on your own, suddenly you are not alone."  Guinier recently reflected, "As a junior I sometimes let my pride stop me from asking for help, but I look back to what Mayor Svante Myrick said about asking for help.  I know HEOP is there to always help, so I intend to always remember this."  Tracee Cotto ‘13, a senior and HEOP peer mentor, remembers a similar sentiment echoed by Mayor Myrick, "Once you put yourself out there, people aren't just going to let you drown."  Recent Ithaca College graduate and HEOP Team Leader, Tiffany Valentin ‘12, reiterated to SI participants the powerful messages Mayor Myrick sent about taking advantage of the opportunities afforded through HEOP and EOP programs.  Valentin quoted two distinct points the mayor emphasized, "I made it because of programs like this.”  She quickly noted the mayor further challenged students by adding: "It is extremely important to give back to the people who come after you; it's what we owe."  2012 SI photos.

The Office of State Grants is already underway with planning for an exciting 2013 Summer Institute.