Welcome, Families!

Here at Ithaca College we are proud of our engaged and enthusiastic community of parents and family members and want to give them every opportunity to stay informed about their students' experiences on campus.

Transitioning from high school and home to college and living away is not always smooth and easy. IC has many resources and caring faculty and staff to assist your child with adjusting to and thriving in his or her college life.

College students are in closer touch with their families, seeking their parents' advice and guidance, than previous generations were. In turn, parents today are far more engaged with their children's day-to-day college experiences.

We want you to be aware of the programs, resources, and activities available to parents and families, as well as to students. We encourage you to mark your calendar for Family Weekend, sign up for the parents e-newsletter and campus email announcements, refer great students to Ithaca College, attend events on and off campus, volunteer for the college and get to know other parents and senior campus leaders, and give to the Parents Annual Fund.

We believe that many facets of this family involvement trend are very positive, and we hope to establish ourselves as a supportive partner in this interaction. Together, we can help your student thrive at Ithaca College. Welcome!


Eric Rosario
Interim Director of Family Giving
(607) 274-1396