Ithaca College Receives Record Number of Undergraduate Applications

On behalf of the Office of Admission—and with great thanks to everyone on campus who contributes to our student recruitment efforts—it is my pleasure to announce that the College has received a record number of undergraduate applications.  The previous mark of 13,546 applications received for the fall of 2008 was eclipsed and now stands at 13,786 for the fall of 2012. This number should grow to approximately 13,820 as supporting materials are received and a few incomplete applications are finalized.

In addition to its notable size, the fall 2012 applicant pool is the most diverse in the school’s history. Twenty-four percent of this year’s applicant pool identifies as an ALANA (African American, Latino/a, Asian, Native American) student, an increase of one-and-a-half percentage points over last year.

While it is important to celebrate these successes, it is equally important to recognize that our work is not done. Applicant totals do not always translate into enrolled students, as we witnessed by enrolling an unusually small class in 2008. Furthermore, even though the economy shows signs of improvement, we see evidence of increasing financial need among our applicants and tuition discounting on the part of our peer institutions.

Each one of us has a role to play in ensuring our enrollment success.  Whether you will be taking part in our spring yield programs, corresponding with prospective students via ICPeers (our online social network), or simply taking a moment to say hello to our visitors or help someone find their way, we appreciate your continued support as we work to enroll our class this spring.                                                                                       


Originally published in Intercom: Ithaca College Receives Record Number of Undergraduate Applications.