Planning to head out of town for Fall Break?

Are you looking for a ride out of town for fall break? Or are you already driving and want to make a few extra bucks along the way? You’re in luck! Zimride.Ithaca, Ithaca College’s private social network for ridesharing, makes it easy to catch a lift or fill the empty seats in your car.

Post your ride now

Simply enter your starting location, destination and approximate travel times, and Zimride.Ithaca will match you up with other students heading the same way.

So whether you’re looking for a ride or want to take someone along the way, Zimride. Ithaca has you covered.

And remember, Zimride.Ithaca isn't just great for Fall Break rides - use it ANYTIME! If you're headed to Wegmans to shop, or to the Cineplex for an evening out, post and share your ride!

If you are headed out of town on other weekends, consider opening up your profile options to include seeking/giving rides from students at Cornell and TC3, too! You can improve your odds of finding that perfect ride match!

Thanks, The Zimride Crew

Originally published in Intercom: Planning to head out of town for Fall Break?.