Six Favorite Study Spots

The library isn't the only place to get your brain churning. From the pub to the chapel pond, students find spots all over campus to hit the books and get inspired, depending on your preferred study environment. From the perspective of the student hard at work, Fuse photographer Krystal Cannon '14 captured a few of popular study spaces on campus.

The shady grass by the pond is a peaceful, serene spot to think.

IC Square, or the pub as it's more commonly called, is one of the best spots on campus to study for the next final, grab a snack, or meet with a group to discuss a project.

The view from the fountains is stunning, but it's also a quiet spot on the outskirts of campus that's perfect for studying.

On a clear day, you'll find students reading near the "Textor ball" — the central hub of campus — where it's just a quick dash to most academic buildings.

The Textor Ball

Many students find the chapel even quieter than the library.

The Chapel

With just a quick walk to most classrooms on campus, the academic quad is convenient for last minute studying in between classes.

Originally published in Fuse: Six Favorite Study Spots
Many students choose to study outside Textor Hall before the next class.
The Library

It's easy to take advantage of the library's endless supply of resources without leaving your favorite study spot. Search the library's music collection or extensive archives. Writing a paper? Check out the library's research guides; they're sorted by subject and serve as a great start when looking for academic sources. Revise your bibliography with help from the library's writing and citation guides. Plus, you can ask a librarian your questions through its online chat service.