Staying on Track

Classes, homework, projects, productions, clubs, sports . . . and don't forget the friends and the fun! The ins and outs of college life can be a lot to juggle -- especially for first-year students. IC has extensive programs and services to help your student move forward on the path to academic success.

Academic Advising Center

Academic success is a fundamental priority at IC. That's why each student has an advisor who offers guidance about courses of study, graduation requirements, goal setting, time management, and career choices. Our advisors partner with faculty and staff to deliver relevant, useful support.

Tutoring Services

Sometimes students need an extra push to understand difficult material or finally grasp that dauntingly dense concept. That's where Tutoring Services comes in. Our professional and peer tutors help students get through the rough spots, paying special attention to the unique needs of our freshmen.

Support for Students with Disabilities

Student accessibility specialists are available to assist students in obtaining appropriate accommodations based on the nature and extent of their disabilities. Students meet with a specialist to determine a plan for the semester, which can include help with note taking, alternative testing, and adaptive technology.