Park Scholars Tell Stories

Park Scholars Tell Stories

First-year Park Scholars share their experiences with the transition to collegiate life at IC

About “Park Scholars Tell Stories”

Park Scholars tell stories.

We tell stories though film and television, through a photo or ad campaign, through a news column or broadcast segment.

In our applications to the program, we told stories about ourselves. We told stories about our dreams, our passions, and our lives. We told stories about our memories of the past, appreciation of the present, and hope the future. We told stories about who we are, who we’ve been, and who we hope to become.

Over Finalist Weekend, we told stories to anyone who would listen—to the Program Director, to older Park Scholars, to our hosts. We told stories during our interviews and our group sessions. We told stories to each other, nervously as we sat in the Park School and made sense of what was going on around us.

One hundred and fifty days later, we told stories to each other again. This time, we did it during Park Scholar Orientation. We told stories using name games as ice breakers and as we explored the Cornell Ropes course. We told stories as we moved into Eastman Hall and as we got to know the campus. We told stories as we got to know the older Park Scholars on campus.

Sixty days later, we’re still telling stories. We’re still telling stories about ourselves to each other as we get to know IC’s campus. We’re still telling stories about who we hope to become to anyone who’ll listen.

That brings us to this point, to this moment and to the most important story we’ve ever told: the story of what comes next.

This is that story.

This is the story of Marissa Booker, Grant Brighter, Bryan Delaney, Parita Desai, TJ Horgan, McKinleigh Lair, Carlie McClinsey, Casey McCracken, Elena Piech, Michael Pyskaty and Sophia Tulp.

It’s the story of the Park Scholar Class of 2019’s first year at Ithaca College.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it half as much as we’ve enjoyed living it.

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