Media Club expands to include app development skills and photography

By Kait Hulbert, '15

Continuing off a successful fall semester working in South Hill Elementary School, BJM Elementary School, and with the Ithaca Youth Bureau, the Park Scholar Media Club has spent the spring semester continuing to develop programming and plan for the 2013-2014 school year.

This semester, Media Club is working in two Ithaca City School elementary schools, and with the Youth Bureau’s Recreation Support Services.

Programming at South Hill Elementary began in early March. For the first time, Media Club has been transformed into “Internet Club,” where students learn basic HTML programming, internet safety skills and app development software. This semester’s final project will allow each child to create a small webpage discussing a hobby or interest, which will then be uploaded to the Internet for the to show their friends and family at home. The pages will include text, photos, colors and sounds.

The kids at South Hill have already learned basic app development skills, using the MIT App Inventor. The program, developed by MIT, provides step-by-step tutorials to guide students in creating basic apps. Using the program, students were able to create an android application that featured a cat that purred when clicked, called “Hello Purr”.

Beverly J. Martin is host to a reincarnation of Film Club, as has been previously seen at IC3 and South Hill Elementary School. This semester’s film brought together four Park Scholars and a handful of elementary schoolers to produce, act in and edit a short film. The film-- called “Sibling Rivalry”-- is a comedic tale of siblings playing pranks on each other. Students from BJM’s A Plus Program starred in the film. Using equipment provided by the Park School, the BJM students were also able to film and produce the piece, as well as learn some basic editing skills.

Continuing from last semester, Media Club is also leading their second and third basic photography workshops with the Ithaca Youth Bureau. The program runs through the Recreation Support Services, which provides social and academic programing for developmentally disabled adults in the Ithaca area. During the programs, Park Scholars provide 6-8 adults with DSLR cameras and lead them in activities designed to teach the importance of photography as a storytelling medium, technical photography skills, and basic presentation skills. At the end of each program, each participant is left with a CD containing their images and a slide show. The first workshop was held last November, and the second was held on March 21st; the third will be held on April 20th, and will focus on basic editing and more advanced skill development.

Film Club at BJM will end on April 9th, Internet Club will end on May 1st, and the Saturday Program Photo Series will end on the 20th. Following that, the focus for the rest of the semester will be on developing new programming and facilitating relationships with local schools and community members in preparation for the 2013-2014 academic year.


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