Park Scholar Orientation

By Dominick Recckio '16

Park Scholar orientation is an exciting time in Ithaca, and I recently had the chance to catch up with both a new student, and an orientation leader to chat about their experience. Having been a part of orientation last year as an incoming scholar, I know what a great experience it can be. Both Erica Moriarty '16 and Evan Sobkowicz '17 had a great time this year.

Part of the orientation experience involves a ropes challenge course, leadership training day at Cornell University. Evan reflected on the experience by saying "I feel like we came together as a much closer group during orientation." This always seems to be a familiar sentiment of scholars upon completing orientation. The atmosphere of orientation and its activities allows for great bonding experiences. Evan left orientation feeling excited for all that is to come, "This year, I'm excited to meet new people, and figure out which clubs and service opportunities I'd like to join."

Erica, with the perspective of having participated last year, and coming back to lead this year, had a great experience as well. "I enjoyed getting to know the first-year Park Scholars and seeing how they interacted with one another. In only a few short days, I saw them progress from barely knowing one another's name to seeming as if they knew one another for years. " She spoke about the teamwork and problem solving abilities that the incoming scholars were able to build through their orientation experience.

A quote from Erica that sums up the experience well is "The new Park Scholars inspire me simply by all the things they've accomplished already."


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