Park Scholars in Los Angeles

By Peter Quandt '15

Each semester several Park Scholars make the flight to LAX to join the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program. This spring juniors Lillie Fleshler and Qina Liu are studying at the ICLA campus.

Qina Liu is a junior Journalism major at IC. Liu is an active member of Ithaca’s Newswatch and is extremely interested in broadcast journalism. Liu is currently interning with KCAL9 and KCBS, two regional news stations based out of Los Angeles. Liu has taken an interest in investigative news and is currently shadowing David Goldstein, the head of the investigative news team at KCBS. Liu has found her first hand experience with the LA news professionals to be invaluable. She loves following reporters to live news scenes and getting a feel for what her future may look like. Liu has used the insight of her teachers to figure out where she would like to begin her professional career when she leaves IC in the spring of 2013.

Although Liu has gained priceless experience in the news field, her favorite part of her time away from Ithaca has been the city of Los Angeles. She described Los Angeles as “an incredible city, with great opportunities and perfect weather…a place where [she] could see herself ending up.” Liu has taken full advantage of the City of Angles spending time on the sets of The New Girl, The Price is Right, Conan, and other big name television shows. Liu has relished her time in Los Angeles saying, “I truly love being surrounded by the television industry.”

Lillie Fleshler is a junior Cinema and Photography major here at IC. When asked why she chose the Los Angeles program she said, “I wanted to try out the whole commercial thing and see if it worked for me.” When she reached LA she was set up with Participant Media, a film production company that has produced major socially relevant films such as, An Inconvenient Truth, The Cove, and Food Inc.

Since reaching LA Fleshler has realized that she would prefer to work with a “smaller, grassroots type of independent documentary company.” After having lunch with an independent documentary maker named Daniela, where she discussed the film and documentary industries, Fleshler discovered her dream job. Fleshler explained why she’d prefer to make her own, small budget documentaries saying, “it might be scary to go a non-traditional route and not do the whole commercial thing, but if you’re really passionate about it, it’s worth trying.”

Like Liu, Fleshler has enjoyed the Los Angeles environment, but in a very different way. Fleshler described Los Angeles as a busy and crowded place where she likes to sit back and observe the people around her. “It’s cool to witness everything that’s happening around me, see how it all works….I’ve just enjoyed being a part of the whole world here.”

However, Flesher did agree with Liu on one thing, “oh yeah, and the weather's not too bad either,” said Fleshler.


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