Park Scholars Prepare for Summer Internships

By Taylor Long '13

While the senior class celebrates the conclusion of their final year at Ithaca College and prepares to enter the job market, many Park Scholars are preparing for their own taste of the real world through some amazing internship opportunities.

It’s not unusual for Park Scholars to take on an internship each summer through the Roy H. Park School of Communications, Park Scholar alumni network or by utilizing other Ithaca College resources. This year we will have interns in New York City, Washington, D.C., in the Ithaca area and various other locations.

Lindsey Smith and Abby Sophir, juniors with majors in Television-Radio, and Stephen Burke, a senior Television-Radio major, will have the opportunity to team up with NBC in their coverage of the Olympics from New York City. NBC often looks to Ithaca College students to fill these prestigious internship positions.

Kyla Pigoni and Taylor Long, senior journalism majors, will also be in New York City this summer. Kyla, who will be a production intern with the Colbert Report, reached out to former Park Scholar Ashley Bookheimer ’09 after applying to the position for advice. Ashley had interned with Colbert when she was a student and helped to convince Kyla that the risk of moving to NYC was worth the effort. After going through several cover letter rewrites and an on-the-fly interview, she received the position.

In the past, Kyla has worked on CONAN in Los Angeles, and said she’s looking forward to working for a similar show on the east coast.

“I’m excited to work at another late night show because I’m curious to see the different environments from coast to coast,” Kyla said. “Working in Los Angeles for Conan last semester was great, especially because they were in the thick of the entertainment industry. It’s going to be interesting to see what NYC entertainment is like.”

Taylor also utilized the Park Scholar alumni network to help secure an internship through the Society of Magazine Editors at Food and Wine magazine, where she will be copyediting, researching and blogging this summer. Throughout the process, she said former ASME intern and Park Scholar alum Libby Sile ’11 was there to lend a helping hand.

“Libby has been really instrumental in helping me through the ASME application process and she’s continued to be a huge help as I begin to plan my summer in the city,” she said. “Because I actually worked alongside Libby at The Ithacan, I felt like she could really speak to my experience.”

Similarly, Kacey Deamer, a senior with majors in journalism and environmental studies, reached out to Mother Jones reporter and Park Scholar alum Kate Sheppard ’06 earlier in the year and will be interning at Mother Jones’ Washington, D.C., bureau this summer. The internship will give Kacey the incredible opportunity to help Sheppard cover national environmental issues.

Kacey said she’s looking forward to returning to D.C. after attending the IC in DC program Spring 2011.

“I’m looking forward to working with MoJo this summer because they are, in my opinion, the top independent/alternative publication in the U.S.,” Kacey said. “I can’t wait to spend sometime on the Hill researching the environment in the political sphere.”

While many of the internships Park Scholars pursue are related to media, some scholars have decided to pursue other interests for the summer. Samantha Mason, a junior Documentary Studies and Production major, will be living in Ithaca over the summer and interning at the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute (FLPCI). Mason received the internship through the Ithaca College Environmental Studies department’s Commit to Change fellowship program.

Mason said her tasks will primarily be focused on site management and maintenance, skills she hopes she can pull on as resources after college. She also plans to use her media skills to create a documentary and use other forms of new media to promote the inspiring and valuable work of the institute.

“Permaculture is something I hope to practice immediately after college, so I’m most excited to learn the hands-on skills I need for my future life and to make a solutions-based documentary,” Mason said.





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