Team of Park Scholars Raises Money for Relay for Life

A group of 7 sophomore and freshman Park Scholars visited Cornell University on Saturday, February 27 for Colleges Against Cancer’s 5th annual Relay for Life.  The Scholars were members of sophomore Alyssa Figueroa’s team, which was dubbed “The Fanny Packs” in honor of the event’s theme of “Around the World.”

Courtesy of Alyssa’s hard work and her team’s endless perseverance in fundraising, “The Fanny Packs” became Ithaca College’s top fundraisers, and the second top fundraising team for the whole event. As of March 7, the team had raised a total of $3,493.

At the event, the team dressed up as stereotypical tourists and stayed strong while participating for the full 12 hours of the relay. The evening consisted of walking around Cornell’s Barton Hall indoor track, whilst participating in fun activities and events such as henna tattoos, a poker tournament and a show by the IC Comedy club.

While the evening was filled with laughs and smiles, it was also a time of reflection. The Park Scholars all have different reasons for why they relay, but a common reason was to make a difference in cancer research by raising money and awareness.

“I Relay because I believe the American Cancer Society has and will continue to help significantly in cancer prevention and in research for a cure,” said Figueroa. “I know many people who had or have cancer, including family members, and there needs to be a cure for this horrible disease that can strike anyone at anytime.”

Freshmen Lauren Mateer was one of the Park Scholars on Figueroa’s team this year. This was her first Relay, and she plans to participate again next year.

“I signed up this year because I think it’s a really important cause,” said Mateer. “It’s also a ton of fun.”

This was Alyssa’s second year organizing a team for Relay. Last year, she teamed with sophomore Francine Price and led a team of mostly Park Scholars.


By Kyla Pigoni




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