Boosting confidence and skill through student media

By Bethany George

Out of all the bountiful ways to be involved in media creation on Ithaca College’s campus, one of my favorite venues to practice my trade is with The Ithacan’s multimedia team. I began creating videos for The Ithacan my freshman year, and in the process I have gained significant experience story pitching, interviewing, filming and video editing.

Each week, the multimedia creators film events around campus and in the community, as well as interview fellow students and faculty members. Being a part of the multimedia team takes dedication and patience, because the creators are truly a one-man band. At first, the task can seem daunting, and I have come across nearly every loophole one can encounter in video production. Everything from having to deal with bad lighting, to soft audio, and even the computer deleting the whole video project seconds away from completing edits. Despite the odds, this environment is the perfect place to mess up and learn how to fix errors.

My favorite videos to make are ones that shed light on events in downtown Ithaca, a dynamic place with a niche for anyone with any kind of interest or passion. For example, once I made a video about an improv comedy crew that performs weekly at one of the bars on The Commons. The sketch was hilarious, and although the group had been performing there for awhile not many students were aware until after the video appeared on The Ithacan’s website.

After creating a few multimedia videos, I was able to imagine what events would be visually pleasing for the viewer. I love playing around with different camera angles and editing effects to give the videos more of a stylistic edge. Another beneficial aspect of being a multimedia creator is that I have an entire video portfolio to use when applying for internships. The videos I have created are concrete evidence of the work I’m capable of producing.

Because of my experience with multimedia, I now have more confidence and ease when it comes to interviewing and video editing. Check out The Ithacan’s website to see new videos weekly!


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