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FAQs about Passwords and Security Questions
(Also see FAQs about New Account Activation)

What system passwords do NOT change when I change my Netpass password?

  • HomerAdmin
  • HomerConnect
  • Majordomo
  • Parnassus
  • Other miscellaneous services or applications which do not use Netpass for authentication

What system passwords DO change when I change my Netpass password?

  • ACE/Argus
  • Active Directory
  • Email
  • Emergency Notification System
  • EZ Proxy
  • Intercom
  • DIIS software downloads
  • Juniper/Junos remote access
  • myHome
  • Sakai
  • Technology Renewal
  • Web Directory
  • Web Profile Manager
  • Other miscellaneous Web applications

Why are security questions and a complicated password required?
Many people use a simple password that password "cracking" tools can easily figure out. A stronger (yes, that means more complicated) password helps protect accounts from being compromised. The security questions are for user convenience, to allow self-service password resets.

What is a "strong" password?
A password that has at least 8 characters containing random letters, numbers and special characters (!, %, *, +, -, ?, _) is very strong and hard to crack. See our password page for specific password requirements, as well as tips for creating a strong password.

How often do Netpass passwords expire?
Every 180 days. Reminders are sent to each account owner starting two weeks prior to expiration.

What are the security requirements for departmental and organizational e-mail accounts?
Departmental and organizational e-mail accounts are required to use the stronger password rules, but not security questions. The manager of the account should login to Netpass Manager as themselves to change the password for any account they are are responsible for.

Why do Smartphones or other mobile devices stop syncing after the Netpass password is changed?
The Netpass password may be stored by various applications or services on the device. Whenever the Netpass password is changed, any passwords stored by the device, such as for IC email or IthacaCollege (secure) wireless, need to be changed at the same time.

My Mac computer shows a "Keychain" message after I change my password. What should I do?
Generally the message will show options of "Continue Log In," "Create New Keychain," or "Update Keychain Password." The best option is to select Update Keychain Password, and then enter your OLD Netpass password when prompted.

Anyone who experiences problems using Netpass Manager should come to the Service Desk with their college ID card:

Monday-Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: Noon - 8pm

104 Job Hall

What if a user can't come to the Service Desk?
Users who are unable to come to the Service Desk in person have 2 options:

Fax the following information to (607) 274-1583, Attn: Service Desk
E-mail (from an alternate e-mail account) the following information to

  • The IC e-mail address of the user
  • A photocopy of the ID card (if sending a fax)
  • A picture of the ID card (if sending an e-mail)
  • The college ID number (which does not always appear clearly on the photocopy/picture of the ID card)
  • An alternate e-mail address or contact phone number

Within 1 business day of receipt of the above information the Service Desk will reset the security questions for the account and notify the user via the contact information provided.

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