Our Membership

Faculty, Staff and Administration Members (Fall 2016)
There are currently 65 staff, faculty, and administrator members on campus.

Area Name Office/Dept Induction Date E-mail
Administration/Staff Thomas Rochon President Inducted 2009 president@ithaca.edu
  Stu Fegely Registrar Inducted 2013 sfegely@ithaca.edu
  Marc Israel Provost Inducted 2004 misrael@ithaca.edu
  Yuko Mulugetta Office of Analytics and Institutional Research Inducted 2016 ymulugetta@ithaca.edu
  Wade Pickren Ctr Faculty Excellence & Spon Research Inducted 2015 wpickren@ithaca.edu
  Tanya R. Saunders International Studies & Special Projects Inducted 2003 tsaunders@ithaca.edu
  Kristina Shanton Library Inducted 1989 kshanton@ithaca.edu
  David Weil Enterprise Application Services Inducted 1987 dweil@ithaca.edu
  Dianne Zamoiski Music Inducted 2014 dzamoiski@ithaca.edu
School of Business Marlene Barken Legal Studies Inducted 1985 mbarken@ithaca.edu
  Donald Eckrich Marketing/Law Inducted 1989 eckrich@ithaca.edu
  Scott Erickson Marketing/Law Inducted 2013 gerickson@ithaca.edu
  Hormoz Movassaghi Finance/International Business Inducted 2004 hormoz@ithaca.edu
  Abraham Mulugetta Finance/International Business Inducted 2004 mulugetta@ithaca.edu
  Fahri Unsal Marketing/Law Inducted 1991 unsal@ithaca.edu
Roy H. Park School of Communications Diane Gayeski Dean Inducted 1982 gayeski@ithaca.edu
  Steven Ginsberg JB Pendleton Center LA Inducted 2016 sginsber@ithaca.edu
  Mead Loop Journalism Transfer - Inducted 1987 mloop@ithaca.edu
  Kati Lustyik Media Arts, Sciences and Studies Inducted 2015 klustyik@ithaca.edu
  Jack Powers TV-Radio Inducted 2012 jpowers@ithaca.edu
  James Rada Journalism Inducted 2013 jrada@ithaca.edu
  Gordon Rowland Strategic Communication Inducted 1997 rowland@ithaca.edu
  Steven Skopik Media Arts, Sciences and Studies Inducted 2006 skopik@ithaca.edu
  Stephen Tropiano JB Pendleton Center LA Inducted 2010 stropiano@ithaca.edu
  Patricia Zimmermann Media Arts, Sciences and Studies Inducted 1988 patty@ithaca.edu
School of Health Sciences and Human Performance Carole Dennis Occupational Therapy Inducted 2016 cdennis@ithaca.edu
  Julie Dorsey Occupational Therapy Inducted 2016 jdorsey@ithaca.edu
  Jeffrey Ives Exercise & Sport Sciences Inducted 2013 jives@ithaca.edu
  Deborah L. King Exercise & Sport Sciences Inducted 2012 dking@ithaca.edu
  Paul Geisler Exercise & Sport Sciences Inducted 2015 pgeisler@ithaca.edu
  Jennifer McKeon Exercise & Sport Sciences Inducted 2016 pmckeon@ithaca.edu
  Gary Sforzo Exercise & Sport Sciences Inducted 1990 sforzo@ithaca.edu
  Thomas Swensen Exercise & Sport Sciences Inducted 2011 tswensen@ithaca.edu
  Deborah Wuest Health Promotion & Physical Education Inducted 1988 wuest@ithaca.edu
School of Humanities and Sciences Laurie Arliss Communication Studies Inducted 2000 arliss@ithaca.edu
  Mary Turner DePalma Psychology Inducted 1997 depalma@ithaca.edu
  Mike Haaf Chemistry Inducted 1993 mhaaf@ithaca.edu
  Jean Hardwick Biology Inducted 2012 jhardwick@ithaca.edu
  Bruce Henderson Communication Studies Inducted 2007 henderso@ithaca.edu
  Rik Kaufman Philosophy & Religion Inducted 2005 kaufmanf@ithaca.edu
  William Kolberg Economics  Transfer - Inducted 1977 kolberg@ithaca.edu
  Michael Malpass Anthropology Inducted 2004 malpass@ithaca.edu
  Kevin Murphy English Inducted 1991 murphyk@ithaca.edu
  Lauren O’Connell Art History  Transfer oconnell@ithaca.edu
  Thomas Pfaff Mathematics Inducted 2016 tpfaff@ithaca.edu
  Christine Pogorzala Gerontology Inducted 1981 pogorzal@ithaca.edu
  Nancy Rader Psychology Transfer - Inducted 1975 rader@ithaca.edu
  Martin Sternstein Mathematics Inducted 1989 martys@ithaca.edu
  Robert Sullivan Communication Studies Inducted 2011 rsulliva@ithaca.edu
  Michael Twomey English  Inducted 1988 twomey@ithaca.edu
  Gladys Varona-Lacey Modern Languages and Literatures Inducted 2003 varona@ithaca.edu
School of Music Diane Birr Music Performance Inducted 2007 dbirr@ithaca.edu
  Randie Blooding Music Performance Transfer - Inducted 1977 blooding@ithaca.edu
  Pablo Cohen Music Performance Inducted 2009 pcohen@ithaca.edu
  Craig Cummings Music Theory, History, and Composition Inducted 2012 cummings@ithaca.edu
  Kim Dunnick Music Performance Inducted 2001 dunnick@ithaca.edu
  Keith Kaiser Music Education Transfer - Inducted 1987 kaiser@ithaca.edu
  Harold Reynolds Music Performance Inducted 2010 reynolds@ithaca.edu
  Steven Mauk Music Performance Inducted 1980 mauk@ithaca.edu
  Karl Paulnack Dean Inducted 2013 kpaulnack@ithaca.edu
  Mark Radice Music Theory, History & Composition  Inducted 1992 mradice@ithaca.edu
  Gordon Stout Music Performance Inducted 1996 gstout@ithaca.edu
  Nicholas Walker Music Performance Inducted 2015 nwalker@ithaca.edu
  Dana Wilson Music Theory, History & Composition  Inducted 1983 wilson@ithaca.edu
Total Members 64