7.6.2 Student-Athlete Academic and Eligibility Guidelines Eligibility

The following guidelines represent a summary of requirements for academic eligibility established within the framework of NCAA, Liberty League, and College regulations.


To be eligible for practice, student-athletes must:

  • Maintain full-time undergraduate (12 credits) or graduate (9 credits) status.
  • Have remaining eligibility.
  • Gain clearance from athletic training staff.
  • Maintain good standing with the College and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.


To be eligible for intercollegiate competition, student-athletes must maintain the following:

  1. College Good Standing – the student has earned at least 12.0 credits in the semester and has maintained a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
    • College Warning: A student is placed on college warning when her/his semester or cumulative GPA is below a 2.00 or he/she has not completed the 12.0 credits in a semester. Students on college warning are eligible to continue taking courses at Ithaca College and participate fully in College activities unless otherwise stipulated. When students are placed on college warning, they are informed in writing of the reasons for warning, any special warning conditions, and the criteria they must meet to be removed from warning. Warnings are not recorded on the student's official transcript.
  2. Full-time Enrollment – Student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum full-time program of studies (undergraduate: 12 credits; graduate: 9 credits).
    1. Student-athletes are advised to add courses before dropping to avoid falling below full-time status and thus being ineligible during that time below full-time status.
    2. Student-athletes in their final semester of enrollment may enroll in less than full-time status if a Final Semester Waiver is granted by the Office of the Registrar and Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. (Contact the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics for more information.)
  3. Ten-Semester Rule – A student-athlete shall complete his or her seasons of participation during the first 10 semesters in which the student is enrolled in a collegiate institution in at least a minimum full-time program of studies, as determined by the regulations of that institution.
  4. Clearance from the Athletic Training Staff and complete athletic training forms.
  5. Complete NCAA and Institutional Forms:
    1. Consent for Disclosure of Protected Health Information (NCAA)
    2. Drug Testing Consent (NCAA)
    3. Student-Athlete Statement (NCAA)
    4. Student Athlete Code of Conduct (IC) Student-Athlete Academic Guidelines

Academic Advising

All students have a faculty advisor from their school. Advisors will assist students with academic planning and course scheduling, however, student-athletes are strongly encouraged to review course syllabi and communicate with instructors prior to the add/drop deadline to minimize conflict with academic requirements.

Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring is available to student-athletes in the same manner it is available to the general student body. Please contact Tutoring Services for more information.

Course Credit

Student-athletes are eligible to receive up to 2.0 total credits for participation in intercollegiate athletics. Students may register for intercollegiate participation and will be given a pass/fail grade by the head coach. Each season of participation may earn up to 0.5 credits. Please contact your head coach for additional information.

Last Updated: August 1, 2017