7.6.5 Travel Regulations

Missed Classes for Team Travel

It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to inform the student-athlete's professors at the beginning of each semester of the class dates to be missed due to team travel. These dates should be included only if they affect class attendance. The student-athlete is responsible for completing all known coursework and must regularly communicate with the student-athlete's faculty regarding all phases of the class. It would be helpful for the student-athlete to review their team schedule with their professor at the beginning of the semester. Student-athletes are responsible for arranging to complete coursework and/or examinations missed due to team travel.

Dress Code for Team Travel

As personal appearance is a direct reflection of oneself, student-athletes are expected to take an interest in how they appear, especially when traveling with the team. The exact dress code for travel will be set by each head coach and must be followed at all times while on the trip. In general, student-athletes should use good judgment concerning the appropriateness of attire, taking into consideration the location and function they are attending. Understand that student-athletes are highly visible representatives of the College, and as such, are responsible for exercising good judgment in overall appearance.

Conduct While on an Athletic Trip

Student-athletes must take care to conduct themselves as representatives of the College at all times. Misconduct could lead to suspension from competition or even removal from the team. Use of drugs (including alcohol) while traveling with the team is strictly forbidden.


  1. All student-athletes must travel with the team to and from the competition site unless specifically released by the director of athletics. A letter or electronic message from a parent or guardian must be on file prior to leaving on the trip in the office of the director of athletics and/or head coach. Student-athletes may not travel to and from an athletic event in personal cars unless a parent/guardian has given written consent to the director of athletics prior to the departure date.
  2. Office of Intercollegiate Athletics vans are in constant use by the teams throughout the year. It is mandatory that each individual remove all litter from vans.

Team Hotel Regulations

Student-athletes shall not incur room service charges or make lodging-based long distance calls from their room unless prearranged billing is made with the hotel. These charges must be paid for by the student-athlete upon check-out. NCAA regulations do not permit the College to pay for these charges. Missing or damaged items from hotel rooms will be charged to the room occupants.

Last Updated: April 16, 2013