7.6.6 Locker, Equipment and Uniform Policies

Locker and Towel

As appropriate to team room location, each student-athlete will be issued a locker at the beginning of the season. The student-athlete is responsible for clearing the locker with locker room personnel at the conclusion of the season, or when the student-athlete is no longer associated with the team. Used towels may be exchanged daily for a clean towel.

Uniform and Equipment

Each student-athlete will be provided with an appropriate uniform for the student-athlete's sport. These items are to be worn only while participating in Ithaca College athletic events. Uniform and equipment items assigned to individual student-athletes will be recorded. Student-athletes are responsible for the exact items listed. Normal wear and tear on items is expected, however, the student-athlete must replace items which appear to be abnormally abused or become lost. The student-athlete will be billed for lost or ruined uniform items while under the student-athlete's care.

Laundering of Uniforms

Laundry room personnel will launder uniform apparel at the conclusion of an athletic event. Student-athletes are responsible for picking up their uniforms on the first day of school following the event.

Check-In Procedures

All team items issued to student-athletes must be returned to the Equipment Manager on the first weekday following the final contest of the season. The Head Coach and Equipment Manager will survey the team items during the week following the final event. A list which identifies lost or damaged items will be submitted to the Office of the Director of Athletics. The Office of the Director of Athletics will notify students and make arrangements for billing.

Financial Holds

Each student-athlete who is issued athletic equipment is expected to return these items to the Equipment Manager at the conclusion of the season. Any student-athlete who has not returned issued items will have a financial hold placed on that student-athlete's academic record. This hold will prevent students from receiving semester grade reports, official transcripts, registering for classes and receiving their baccalaureate diploma. Financial holds may be removed by returning the outstanding items to the equipment manager or by paying for the missing/damaged equipment or uniform.

Last Updated: April 16, 2013