2.1 Distribution of Information to the Campus Community

2.1 Distribution of Information to the Campus Community

2.1.1 Event Calendar

The focus of the Ithaca College Events Calendar is that entries should be made for events that are of potential interest to the campus community at large or a sizable segment thereof, and/or the public. This includes all events for which there might be broad interest or impact across campus, such as concerts, theatrical performances, intercollegiate athletic events, and major lectures, as well as meetings that are of broad appeal and wide impact.

Normally, entries would not be included for departmental or governmental meetings, and other small events (25 people or less) that are not of broad appeal and have little impact on event planning and scheduling across campus. Off-campus events, such as away games for intercollegiate athletics, or major alumni events in other cities, should be included. Off-campus events should be noted as such when doing event scheduling.

There is one master schedule for the events calendar, and all scheduled events appear there. Note that filling out a request form does not guarantee that the event will be listed on events calendar. The decision whether or not to post an event to events calendar will be made by the appropriate school or department. The contact for that department must receive an event request form at least two weeks prior to the event date. No reservation is confirmed until you receive written confirmation.

For more information and to access the College event calendar, visit www.ithaca.edu/calendar.

2.1.2 Mass E-mails to Students

All mass e-mails to students must be initiated by a member of the Ithaca College community and will only be sent out for one of the following reasons:

  • Emergency information
  • Information required by law
  • Critical health or safety messages (does not include health/safety related programs or events)
  • Important announcements determined by the administration
  • Announcements regarding unanticipated events or situations (e.g. death of a campus community member)
  • Critical deadlines that have changed, or unanticipated cancellations of or changes to events that affect a broad segment of the campus community
  • Campus wide course registration from the registrar's office, and residential life room lottery information
  • Academic related information approved by the provost/deans

All mass e-mails to students must be related to Ithaca College and fit into one of the categories listed above. Mass e-mails to promote programs and events (i.e. concerts, movies, activity fairs, etc.) are not permitted. No off-campus agencies (including non-profits and businesses) will be allowed to use the system in this manner. Ithaca College cannot guarantee receipt of the e-mail message.

If an e-mail fits within the criteria listed above, the following individuals/offices will be responsible for approving mass e-mails:

  • Provost/deans for academic related messages
  • Senior associate vice president for student affairs and campus life for health or safety issues, emergency notifications, information required by law, important announcements determined by the administration, announcements regarding unanticipated events, critical deadlines that have changed, or changes to events that affect a broad segment of the campus community.
  • Registrar for campus wide course registration information
  • Director of residential life for residential life room lottery information

2.1.3 Mass E-Mails to Faculty and Staff

The Office of Human Resources reviews all requests for mass emails to ensure compliance with the campus e-mail policy and the accuracy of human resource data. The e-mail request form is for a specified population, such as supervisors, administrative assembly, etc. and may be sent via HR Lists. The e-mail request form and more specific instructions are on the Office of Human Resources web page at www.ithaca.edu/hr/hrinfo/forms/communication/. Information that pertains to Ithaca College business and affects the campus community should be posted to intercom. Should you have any questions regarding whether or not your email can be processed in this manner, please contact the Human Resource Information Department.

2.1.4 Campus Mail Service

Only items pertaining to College business may be sent through the campus mail system. Items sent through the campus mail must either be individually addressed, or bundled and labeled by department as indicated below. Items sent by off-campus groups or businesses must be sent to the campus through the U.S. Postal Service.

If a supervisor has a mass print mailing to be distributed campus-wide to all faculty and/or all staff, the supervisor may request departmental labels generated from the Human Resource/Payroll System, Parnassus. As an alternative to pre-printed labels, electronic data files can be requested or see section 2.1.3, Mass E-Mails to Faculty and Staff. These files would be forwarded to a specified e-mail address and labels, and/or e-mail distribution lists would be generated within the appropriate department. Due to the dynamic nature of Parnassus, it is imperative that these data files be used once only. Pre-printed labels or electronic data files can be obtained by submitting an electronic report request form to the Office of Human Resources at www.ithaca.edu/hr/hrinfo/forms/report/. The form is designed to collect the information necessary to produce appropriate labels/data in a timely and manageable fashion and to ensure compliance with the campus mail service policy. Human Resources will generate one label for each department indicating the department name, which employee group is to receive the correspondence, and the number of people in that group for each department.

All requests, either pre-printed labels or electronic data files, must include a print-ready copy of the information to be mailed and are reviewed for completeness and legitimacy by the Human Resource Information Department.

Human Resources will forward the pre-printed labels and the print-ready copy of correspondence to printing and duplicating services, which will produce the required number of copies, collate and fold them in accordance with the initiating department's instructions. The completed copies and labels will be forwarded to mailing services.

Mailing services will bundle the correspondence and apply one label to the top copy for each department and distribute with regular intra-campus mail deliveries.

Staff in each department will then distribute the correspondence to each employee as defined on the label, i.e., all employees, all faculty, or all staff and administration. If a packet or bundle of mail is received which does not have a label generated by the Office of Human Resources, please contact the human resource information department prior to distributing the contents.

Mailings pertaining to College business to other subsets of employees must be individually addressed and labels for this purpose can also be obtained from the Office of Human Resources using the same electronic report request form. Labels are not provided for advertisement of outside fund-raising or off-campus events.

2.1.5 Intercom Alert Policy

Ithaca College recognizes that some news is urgent and needs to be brought to the attention of the College community immediately.

Intercom, the College’s online community information center, includes a feature for distributing urgent news to the campus: the Intercom alert. An alert may be requested if the news is related to an emergency or contains time-sensitive material and if it's of major importance to the College community. The alert is sent as an HTML e-mail that goes to every faculty and staff member, and/or every student, at Ithaca College.

Before the alert can be sent, it must be approved by a vice president, the president, the provost, or the associate vice president for human resources.

To request an alert:

  • Submit the story to Intercom.
  • Ask your vice president to send his/her approval for the alert to the Intercom editor at intercom@ithaca.edu.
  • The alert will not be sent until the Intercom editor receives the appropriate approval via e-mail. 

Detailed information is available at http://www.ithaca.edu/intercom/staticpages/index.php/alerts.

Intercom was created in an effort to gather College news and notices in one place, as well as to reduce the large number of campuswide e-mails filling up in-boxes. The alert option should therefore be used as sparingly as possible so that legitimate alerts get the attention they deserve.

Last Updated: March 1, 2013