100 Stories of Impact: From HGSE to the President's Office

Peggy Williams is featured in this Harvard Graduate School of Education publication.

Behind the NIQAB

St. Michael’s College Trustee Peggy Williams discusses her trip to Saudi Arabia. Saint Michael’s College Magazine, Summer 2016.

The Slow Climb Up the Higher Ed Ladder

Today, women can set their sights on attending almost any college or university to pursue a field of study that suits their interests. Yet the very institutions that are educating more women than ever before still lack female leadership.

Peggy Williams -- A Unique and Personal Brand

Career and success writer Bud Bilanich argues that to create positive personal impact, as Ithaca College president emerita Peggy Williams has done, you need to do three things that a more conservative leader might not.

Ten Years with Peggy

President Peggy R. Williams announced, shortly after marking her 10th anniversary in the position, that she would retire at the end of the 2007 academic year. This ICView cover story recalls many of her finest accomplishments.

Peggy Williams on Supreme Court Ruling

President Williams comments on the U.S. Supreme Court decisions handed down June 23, 2003, concerning affirmative-action programs at the University of Michigan.

Five Years On

President Williams takes a look back at her first half-decade at Ithaca and a look forward to the next in the Ithaca College Quarterly, 2002/no. 4.

A Home Run for Women

The June 24, 2002, edition of USA Today contains this essay from President Williams about the benefits of Title IX beyond sports in the feature "Title IX, 30 Years Later."

Where Have All the Great Presidents Gone? (Or Have They?)

President Williams responds in the July 2001 online edition of Ed. magazine to a Harvard article regarding the nature of contemporary leadership at the nation's colleges and universities.

President's Corner

A department in the College magazine ICView.

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