Payment of Professional Services

The IRS has strict regulations regarding professional service payments made to individuals. To be in compliance with IRS regulations, Ithaca College needs to collect W9 forms for professional service payments. The W9 is not a form of payment; it is for tax reporting purposes. Professional Services include but are not limited to honoraria, stipends, consultants, contractors, entertainment, photography, and music accompanists.

To expedite the payment process for professional services, have suppliers complete a W9 form before you complete the request for new supplier form.

Payments to Ithaca College employees must go through Payroll. Payments to Ithaca College student employees must go through Student Employment.

Departments should have the supplier complete the W9 form and departments should submit the W9 form to Accounts Payable prior to the payment being made. The W9 form can be faxed or mailed to Accounts Payable. The fax number is (607) 274-7336. All other steps involved in payment of a professional service must still be completed.

Departments should maintain:

  • Copy of the supplier’s W9
  • Nature of service
  • Date(s) service is to be performed
  • Where service is to be performed
  • A letter of agreement or contract signed by all parties

Questions regarding institutional liability issues when contracting for Professional Services should be directed to the Office of the College Attorney.

Special note on foreign nationals:

The College must ensure proper authorization is in place before a foreign national can provide any Professional Services to the college. Before paying a foreign national please obtain the Foreign National Information Form from the Accounts Payable Office. The form must be completed by the foreign national, submitted to the Accounts Payable Office, and reviewed by the Payroll Office before payment can be issued for services rendered.

For questions regarding payment for Professional Services rendered and related tax reporting issues, please contact the Accounts Payable Manager or the Payroll Manager for advice.