EZpay Policy

Unauthorized Use
Payments for Federal and State Grants
Payment for Professional Services
Foreign Nationals
Administrator Responsibilities
Requisitioner Responsibilities
Check Pick-up Policy

Please note: Any merchandise (apparel, bags, writing utensils, mugs, etc.) being ordered that bears any of Ithaca College's trademarked terms must go through the college's licensing program and be produced by a vendor that is approved by Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA), known as an official licensee. For more information about Ithaca College's licensing program, please visit the College's licensing website.

To establish the guidelines for use and to define the limits of use of the Ithaca College EZpay System provided to approved personnel for the purchase of goods and/or professional services for $1000 dollars or less.

Supplier: A company from which an EZpay will be used to purchase materials and/or equipment or services under the provisions of this procedure
EZpay Administrator: The individual responsible for departmental program details, including approved online EZpay entries, requesting new Suppliers, and record retention.
Requisitioner: An employee or student who has a need for materials or services that can be fulfilled by a Supplier and purchased using EZpay
Single Purchase Limit: EZpay purchases are limited to $1000 per single transaction

EZpay provides departments with the ability to purchase low dollar value goods and services with a single purchase limit amount of $1000 per transaction. Requisitioners using EZpay as a means for payment should always provide the Supplier with a copy of the Ithaca College Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. EZpay Administrators must retain supporting documentation for five years for auditing purposes. Questions concerning the use and retention of EZpay documentation should be directed to Accounts Payable.


  • Personal purchases
  • Single purchases that exceed the $1000 purchase limit
  • Ithaca College employee or student travel
  • Cash Advances
  • Tobacco or any controlled substances
  • Capital purchases
  • Payments against Ithaca College issued Purchase Orders
  • Charitable donations using College funds

A Requistioner who makes unauthorized purchases or carelessly uses EZpay could be liable for the total dollar amount of such unauthorized purchases plus any administrative fees charged in connection with the misuse. The individual could also be subject to disciplinary action.

Federal and State Grants may be audited and are subject to external and internal controls. It will be the responsibility of the EZpay Administrator to see that all EZpay documentation for Federal and State Grants is signed by the Principal Investigator, has appropriate documentation and approvals, and is in compliance with College policies and procedures as outlined in this document. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to review and sign all EZpay documentation for Federal or State Grant expenditures. By signing the documentation the Principal Investigator has ensured that the costs charged to the grants are allowable, allocable, and reasonable.

Payment requests for Professional Services include but are not limited to honoraria, consultants, entertainment, photography and music accompanists.

Departmental personnel responsible for EZpay entry must verify through Payroll that the payee is not an Ithaca College Employee, and include the payee’s correct social security number on the EZpay supporting documentation, as well as valid address information.

It is important to support all requests for payment to an independent contractor with proper documentation, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Social Security number or Tax Identification Number
  • Payee’s address
  • Nature of service and date(s) service is to be performed
  • Where service is to be performed

A letter of agreement or contract signed by all parties involved should always support payments for Professional Services. Questions regarding institutional liability issues when contracting for Professional Services should be directed to the Office of the College Attorney.

The College must ensure that proper authorization is in place before a Foreign National can provide any Professional Services to the college. Before hiring a Foreign National please obtain from the Accounts Payable Office the Foreign National Information Form. The form must be completed by the Foreign National and submitted to the Accounts Payable Office and reviewed by the Payroll Office before the EZpay can be issued for the services rendered.

For questions regarding payment for Professional Services rendered and related tax reporting issues, please contact the Accounts Payable Manager or the Payroll Manager for advice.

It is the responsibility of the EZpay Administrator to properly enter the EZpay invoice information into the EZpay Interface system. This includes keying the information under the correct supplier and account number(s), including an accurate description of the merchandise or service purchased and entering invoices and amounts accurately.

The EZpay Administrator requests that new suppliers be added to the Supplier List by using the online Supplier Request Form. All necessary information about the Supplier must be complete before the Accounts Payable Office will enter the Supplier into the system.

The EZpay Administrator retains the EZpay back up for five years for auditing purposes. It is up the Administrator to determine how EZpay record retention will be maintained in each department.

If an EZpay check is lost the EZpay Administrator contacts the Accounts Payable Office to request a stop payment.

To void an EZpay check the EZpay Administrator must send the original check with “VOID” written across the front of the check to the Accounts Payable Office. There is no fee for a void check.

The EZpay Administrator should immediately report any problems or concerns associated with EZpay to the Accounts Payable Manager.

The EZpay Administrator should maintain a supply of Ithaca College Sales Tax Exemption Certificates to distribute to Requisitioners upon their request. Tax exempt forms may also be obtained from the Financial Services website.

It is the responsibility of the Requisitioner to submit all EZpay back up documentation associated with that EZpay payment to their EZpay Administrator. Failure to submit paperwork to the Administrator in a timely manner could result in the loss of EZpay privileges in the future.

The Requisitioner must immediately report lost or stolen EZpay checks to their EZpay Administrator.

It is the responsibility of the Requisitioner to inform the merchant before the purchase that Ithaca College is exempt from New York State Sales Taxes and to provide the merchant with a copy of the Ithaca College Sales Tax Exemption Certificate at the time of purchase. Copies of the certificate can be obtained from the EZpay Administrator.

All EZpay transactions are subject to periodic audits by the Budget Office for compliance with the policies and procedures outlined in this document.

Checks marked for HOLD are printed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The checks that are held will be available for pick up at the Front Desk of the West Tower’s 14th floor between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on the day they are printed. If the check cannot be picked up between those hours, please contact Accounts Payable to make arrangements for pick up.

Use the check hold option only when necessary. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Checks that have documentation that needs to be sent out with the check when mailed.
  • Checks that need to be hand delivered to the supplier at the time the service is provided. Immediate payment for services should be the exception not the rule.

Accounts Payable will mail the check to the requestor if the check is not picked up within 7 business days.

If the check is no longer needed, write void across the front of the check and return it to Accounts Payable immediately.

In the event that an employee other than the requestor needs to pick up the check(s), they must have a signed note from the original requestor with a list of check(s) to pick up. If the person picking up the check(s) is a student representative, he/she must have their IC ID in addition to the signed note.

Suppliers that are set up in the system to receive payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) will not be paid by check unless written authorization to pay by check is received from the supplier.