Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card Policy

Purchasing Card Application Approval Guideline

This guideline has been established to provide assistance to individuals responsible for approving Ithaca College Purchasing Card Applications.

For an Ithaca College employee to be eligible to apply for a Purchasing Card they must be a benefits eligible employee.

For the credit card approval process to be completed an individual’s application must be approved by their appropriate supervisor. All applications approved by supervisors will be reviewed by the Purchasing Card Program Administrator (Accounts Payable Manager) to determine if the applicant meets the suggested guideline specifications.

Purchasing Cards should not be issued to individuals for “just in case” purchases. The only individuals that should be issued Purchasing Cards are those that will be purchasing authorized goods or services on behalf of the College on a regular basis. Typically departments should give these purchasing responsibilities to one or two individuals who buy for the entire department, depending on the size of the department.

In some instances a Department Purchasing Card could be issued to handle purchases by individuals that would not typically purchase for their area. Department Purchasing Cards have the potential for more control because the cards would need to be administered by a designated individual in the department. These cards would need to be signed out and returned with the necessary documentation for reconciliation. Please contact the Purchasing Card Program Administrator (Accounts Payable Manager) to determine if a Department Purchasing Card would work for your area.