Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Ithaca College Travel Policy for further details.

Can I use my Ithaca College Travel Card for personal use?
No. The Travel Card is only intended for payment of approved Ithaca College travel related expenses.

Can I put registration fees or hotel reservations on my Travel Card?
Yes. Card use for IC travel related expenses is encouraged whenever possible.

How is the Travel Card paid for?
Ithaca College pays the bill directly. All receipts for charges made with the Travel Card must be submitted to your Departmental Coordinator for reconciliation.

How do I obtain cash advances using the Travel Card?
All Travel Cards are issued with the cash advance feature turned off.

How long do I have to submit my Expense Report?
Expense reports should be submitted within 10 days upon return from travel. However, in the event that an Expense Report Form is not submitted to Travel Services within 60 days, any college paid expenses will be treated as income to the employee. These funds will be subject to required payroll tax withholding and reported on the employee's W-2. See Travel Policy Documentation and Reimbursement Requirements for full details.

Where do I put Travel Card charges on the Expense Report Form?
All Travel Card charges must be listed in the "Paid by Ithaca College" column.

What expenses go under the "Paid by Traveler" column on the Expense Report Form?
Expenses paid with personal or Cash Advance funds (i.e. personal credit card, cash or check).

What expenses qualify as “Paid by Ithaca College" on the Expense Report Form?
Any authorized travel related expenses paid with College funds (i.e. Travel Card, VAF, PO).

What do I do with the Expense Report Form when I have obtained all the necessary signatures and attached the receipts?
If reimbursement is required, submit the Expense Report Form along with receipts to Travel Services. Otherwise, give them to your Departmental Coordinator to retain for audit purposes.

What is the meal allowance per day?
Ithaca College has no set amount for meals per day. However, the traveler should ensure that meal expenses are appropriate and reasonable.

I lost some of my receipts, what should I do?
A traveler who loses receipts should try to obtain duplicates. If a receipt is unobtainable; the traveler should submit a signed itemized statement along with the Expense Report Form.

I was able to save money by staying with friends while on College business. Is it possible to be reimbursed for a modest gift or gesture of appreciation?
This would be determined by your Dean, Director and/or Department Head. Gifts in lieu of lodging may not be charged to federal grant or contract accounts due to government regulations.

What is the College’s current mileage reimbursement rate for use of personal vehicles?
Effective January 1, 2020 the rate is $0.575 per mile, down from $0.58 for 2019. However, Ithaca College encourages travelers to use College vehicles whenever possible.

If I claim mileage reimbursement, will I also be reimbursed for my gasoline receipts?
No, receipts for gasoline will not be reimbursed when mileage reimbursement is claimed for use of personal vehicles.

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