International Travel

When traveling outside of the United States on Ithaca College business, employees are advised to obtain information about foreign car rentals, travel advisories and other insurance liability issues prior to departure. Contact the Office of Risk Management at (607) 274-3285, or the Office of International Programs at (607) 274-3306 for more information.

  • Reimbursement requests for International Travel follow the same guidelines as the general Travel Policy
  • Expense Reports must be submitted in U.S. dollars with an explanation and translation of the foreign receipts and their conversions. 
  • Travelers must use the currency rates that were in effect on the date the expense was incurred. Travelers may use the following websites to obtain such rates:
  • Foreign transactions charged to credit cards are automatically converted to U.S. dollars.  Ithaca College Travel Card transactions will incur a 1% foreign transaction fee. 

** Please review the Ithaca College Travel to Travel Warning Countries Policy.**

** Travel Alerts, Warnings, and Worldwide Caution**

**Please register your international travel.**