Our Position: Progress is Who We Are

By The Creative & Marketing Group, April 28, 2021
Progress is where we stand. This is what the brand platform means for IC.

As in chess, position matters in the marketplace. “A Place Called Progress” is a statement that carves a unique niche for us in the crowded, competitive higher education landscape 

Why is this crucial?  

A strong brand position and brand promise sets us apart from our peer institutions and speaks directly to what we stand for: the non-stop pursuit of improvement and progress in all we do. “Progress” infuses our academics, our institutional decision-making, our athletic victories (and losses), and the millions of moments big and small that unfold every day on campus or wherever our students find themselves. Progress is rooted in the physical places, too—be it our idyllic home in the Finger Lakes, Los Angeles and London Centers, or wherever scholarship and performances may take us. It lives in all our hearts. Progress is a way of life at Ithaca College.

“A Place Called Progress” is a rally cry—a powerful, undeniable point of emphasis about the IC difference. After all, doesn’t every college have some variation of “commitment to excellence” in their parlance? But that’s a given; no institution is going to commit to mediocrity. 

“APCP” cuts a swath through that generic “sea of same” and speaks to a distinct something about Ithaca: the campus and the community. It strengthens our perception among those who know us already and is a powerful introduction to those getting acquainted.  

Put more simply: a strong brand position forms our identity, informs our initiatives, and testifies to our impact. It also inspires the stories we tell about ourselves.   

Just as importantly, “A Place Called Progress” is meant to be owned by everyone at IC. It provides a shared jumping off point to help our audiences know who we are and what we cherish, while allowing the message to be flavored to suit a particular school, department, or program’s needs.

We want to hear from you! If you have questions or feedback, please email progress@ithaca.edu.