Student Information

Students' Right to Petition

Please contact the appropriate dean’s office from the following list. The provost’s office will
consider petitions only when forwarded with a dean’s recommendation.

School of Business
Catrina Decker, Academic Services Coordinator

Roy H. Park School of Communications
Bryan Roberts, Assistant Dean for Student Services

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance
Margaret Arnold, Associate Dean
For grade appeals, visit here

School of Humanities and Sciences
Kathy Lucas, Assistant Dean for Student Services
For grade appeals, visit here

School of Music
David Pacun, Interim Associate Dean

Additional Related Policies
Ithaca College Policy Manual, Volume VII – Policies for Students

Grade Changes
Grades as filed with the Office of the Registrar are final, except where an error of judgment has
occurred or an error has been made in computation or transcription. Shortly after the close of
each semester, currently enrolled students can access their final grade report using the student
information system website. Any changes to the report must be arranged no later than two
weeks from the date when classes begin in the succeeding semester; hence, each student is
advised to review each term report carefully and promptly. Before the registrar can amend any
record, the change must have been approved by the faculty member and the dean of the school
in which the course is offered.

Policy on Grade Disputes
Grade disputes should be resolved directly between the individual faculty member and the
student. If that is not possible, the department chair and/or dean may intervene for purposes of
mediation. Failing resolution of the matter at the school level, the student may petition the
provost as described under "Students' Right to Petition." The final resolution of the dispute will
be made by the provost. As a general principle, the authority to change a grade rests with the
individual faculty member. Exceptions made by the provost occur only for the most compelling