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Fulbright Scholar Awards Abroad

Fulbright Scholar Awards Abroad

The Fulbright Scholar Program is a collection of country and regional programs with an array of opportunities for lecturing and research abroad. About 900 lecturer/research awards in over 140 countries are available. The grants are distributed by country and region, vary in financial support and length of stay, are sometimes tied to very specific appointments, and at other times are unrestricted. The general announcement of award opportunities is issued in the spring. Occasionally, supplemental announcements are released later in the year.

Fulbright awards are normally granted for periods ranging from two to ten months. Dates of most grants coincide with the academic year of the host institution: September/October to June/July in the Northern Hemisphere, February/March to November/December in the Southern Hemisphere. Lecturing awards are usually not available for the summer months only, nor are grants available for attendance at professional congresses and meetings.

In some cases, a competitive proposal requires previous contact with the receiving university. The council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) publishes a pamphlet indicating the openings for each country, and eligible fields.  Deadline for awards is usually August 1 of the previous year.

Faculty Salaries and Benefits while on a Fulbright Grant (Revised, January 2006)
In the spirit of continued academic growth of its faculty, Ithaca College encourages faculty to seek Fulbright grant opportunities as a complement to other professional development. This policy statement is an update resulting from discussion and agreement by the academic deans and provost and supercedes previous policies on salaries and benefits for faculty who wish to apply for a Fulbright grant. 

Faculty should discuss their Fulbright plans with their department chair and dean prior to applying for the grant.

Tenured faculty are strongly encouraged to coordinate their planning for a Fulbright grant with their sabbatic leave eligibility. Should a Fulbright be combined with a one-semester sabbatical, the faculty member will be guaranteed a full annual salary with continuation of full benefits.

Otherwise tenured, tenure-eligible, non-tenure-eligible notice faculty awarded a Fulbright grant will continue to have access to full benefits during the duration of their leave.

For information packets, application materials, strategy suggestions, and answers to general questions about the program, our campus contact is:

Hugh Egan, Professor
Department of English
274-3563 (eganh@ithaca.edu)

You may also write, telephone, or e-mail directly:

Council for International Exchange of Scholars
3007 Tilden Street, NW, Suite 5L
Washington, D.C. 20008-3009
(202) 686-7877
Internet: apprequest@cies.iie.org
Web: www.cies.org