Faculty Information

Travel Funding Requests

The Office of the Provost supports and encourages faculty participation in conferences and meetings. Faculty may apply for supplemental funding for travel to conferences or programs that are beyond the budget limitations of deans and department chairs. In order to be eligible, faculty must be a participant on the program, not merely an attendee.

Requests to the Provost & VPEA should be made only after all other funding options have been explored. It is expected that the deans and department chairs make a deliberate effort to support funding requests in accordance with academic priorities prior to forwarding requests for funds to the Provost & VPEA.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

All requests must be received by the Provost Office at least sixty (60) days prior to date(s) of travel. No late requests will be considered. In addition, all requests must include a completed Travel Authorization form.



Full Time Faculty -- continuous, tenure-eligible notice, and non-tenure eligible notice appointments and librarians.


Term Appointed Faculty -- will be considered based on

length of service and fund availability.


Adjunct and Part Time Per Course Faculty -- are not eligible for funding from the Office of the Provost & VPEA.



Maximum Funding Levels:

Full Time Faculty: Maximum 2 requests, no more than $1,800 per academic year.


International travel does not apply to the maximum funding levels. All requests for international travel will be examined on a case-by-case application.


Travel/professional activity funds will be allocated based on the following priorities.


1.     Presentation. Presentation or delivery of a formal competitive paper, performance, clinic, or chairing competitive paper session or panel.


2.     Participation. Taking part in formal panels, seminars, workshops, or serving as an officer of organizations with specific responsibilities at a meeting.


3.   A presentation or participation that can convey a direct or indirect contribution toward the IC 20/20 plan.