Frequently Asked Questions

What projects are exempt from oversight?

Your project may be exempt, if one of the following apply:

·         Research on teaching or instructional methodologies that are conducted in regular education settings.

·         Survey, observational research - as long as the information is recorded so that subjects cannot be directly linked to the data they provide AND you are not asking about sensitive aspects of the subject's behavior that might put them at risk for criminal or civil liability or that might harm their employability, reputation, or financial standing.

·         Observations of public behavior

·         Chart reviews (as long as the data are publicly available OR the information is recorded so that subjects cannot be identified.


Human Subjects Research Board (HSR) expedited or standard review is needed for:

·         Projects that are components of a course but are conducted outside of the classroom, laboratory, studio, etc., and use persons not enrolled in the course as subjects. 

·         Individual, collaborative, or cooperative research of human subjects by faculty, administrators, or staff, undertaken for professional purposes and any projects in affiliation with Ithaca College or using Ithaca College facilities. 


Exempt status is determined by the HSR Board.  Complete the online Application for Exemption to determine if your project is exempt from HSR oversight.